On the "Andy Griffith Show?

How did the series end? Specifically, did he ever marry Helen Crump? If not, why not?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes he married Helen Crump and they left Mayberry Aunt bee Moved in with Sam and his little boy. And It became Mayberry RFD . The show only ran for one more season.

  • O'Shea
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    1 decade ago

    The series ended directly with a spinoff to a new show called Mayberry RFD, which lasted 3 years. The lead character was Sam Jones, a farmer and town councilman, and he was introduced late in the 8th season of the Andy Griffth show. Sam was a lot like Andy, in that he was single and had a young son, and Aunt Bee was his housekeeper for the first two seasons. Ken Berry (also of the 1980's version of Mama's Family) played the part, and Jodie Foster's brother, Buddy, played the role of his son. The show also included many of the same latter day side characters such as Goober, Howard Sprague and Emmitt. Basically imagine season 8 without Andy and that's what Mayberry RFD was like.

    The show was respectable but lacked the charisma of the Andy Griffith show. By far the most memorable episode was Andy and Helen's wedding, which also featured Barney and Opie. I believe Andy was an occasional guest throughout the shows run, and was an executive producer as well.

  • Suzi
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    1 decade ago

    Andy and Helen got married and moved away with Opie. Not sure what happened to Aunt Bee.

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