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How do u kno?

O.K well my boyfriend wants to but i dont kno if im ready how do u kno?

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    u just feel like u REALLY wanna do it...but DONT do it if u KNOW u dont wanna...that could lead to bad pressure. wait u r talking about sex, right?

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    You will know when you don't need to ask anyone. In other words, when it feels right within you and you are not doing it because you want to please another person, keep that person from leaving you for another one, or under pressure. Also from your age( on your profile) I feel that you are still too young for that step.Explain to your boyfriend everything I have just said and ask him to please understand. Ask him to grow with you in every way until the right time for both of you. If he cares for you ,he would agree and see your point of view. Hold on to your position regardless of what of he says or does. Good luck.

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