Allergy to toilet paper?

I have had a bad allergic reaction on my right hand for about a year, my dermotologist diagnosed it as a delayed contact allergy. I basically changed and tried everything, from changing makeups to skin cleaners, house cleaning products, and still no relief. The only other thing that I didn't change up until recently was the brand of toilet paper I was using. We switched from Cashmere (used to be called Cottenelle) to a no name unbleached kind. My hand is already healing up and its only been two days. Has anyone else heard of being allergic to toilet paper or to the bleach they use to whiten paper products???


I did have an allergic reaction "somewhere else" too. I just didn't mention it when I first posted the question.

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    Lately I've also come to the same conclusion. I've been having lots of problems lately and I had no idea what it could be. I've changed my soaps and every other conceivable thing.

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    Well...if it was toilet paper, you must have had an allergic reaction somewhere else too, if you know what I mean.

    I doubt that it was acutally the toilet paper. Probably something else that yu just might be forgetting. :)

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    If your right hand is all messed up from using toilet paper, what does your rear end look like? Now you have us all worried..

  • try another brand of toilet paper.

    and notify your doctor.

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