Are spinal Tap a real band ?

Are they a band made up from the simpsons or did they form before the Simpsons ?


Yes were watching live earth and my husband and his twin are having a argument if they are real or a spoof. radio 1 says they hit 11 ??? whats that all about

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    They're a fake band put together for the movie 'This is Spinal Tap'. The movie was a fake documentary, nowadays called a 'mocumentary'. It was really a comedy, and it was very funny!

    One of the members was Harry Shearer, who does a lot of voices on the Simpsons. Otherwise there is no connection. The movie is a lot older than the Simpsons (even though the Simpsons has been going for 18 or 19 years!)

    The people who did This is Spinal Tap have made several more 'mocumentaries' over the years and they're all pretty funny. Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and the most recent is 'For Your Consideration'.

  • Spinal Tap got started when Rob "meathead" Reiner, Michael " Lenny" Mc Kean,and Harry "the luckiest man on Earth, married to Jamie Lee Curtis" Shearer made a spoof "mockumentary" called THIS IS SPINAL TAP I saw them when they toured the movie at Bumbershoot in 1985 or so. They got started before the Simpsons TV show, I think there's no real connection, aside from Harry Shearer playing several voices on the show.

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    Spinal Tap is a movie created by Rob Riener that spoofed the rock industry. It developed a cult following and a second movie was made. This too became so popular that the soundtracks were released. But no Spinal Tap was in fact a joke that went to far.

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    no, they were created by christopher guest(one of the guitar players)'s what you consider a "mockumentary"'s like that movie "best in show" even has a lot of the same actors... it was created by the same guy...and the thing about 11' s a joke part of the movie...where the guitarist says he has a special amp that when you turn it up all the way to 10...and that just isn't enough for you...and you need that little extra push...bam!...go to 11!...although they're not a real band...they DO perform at times at events or show up together...they do have a c.d. out, but it's all part of the joke...basically to keep it going...hell, the one guy, michael mckean, played on s.n.l....and laverene and shirley.

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    And when they say 11, it references the amps they had.

    They all went to 11 instead of 10.

    This being funny because the interviewer (Rob Reiner) said "well, why didn't you just make the amps louder and call THAT 10?"

    the reply, after MUCH thought was "but these go to 11!"

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    Sorry in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it incredibly isn't any longer, kinda, It became formed for a television coach in 1978 and then reunited for television shows or the rockumentary you're speaking approximately. besides, it incredibly is asserted that they'll excursion between April and would of this 365 days around the U.S. wish to have been sensible to you.

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    No, but they do go to 11.

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    They are a spoof band.

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    are you taking the piss lol

    youre watching live earth aint ya

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