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Are people just tired of blacks dominating sports with all the hating of V. & S. Williams.?

I've heard too much criticism for Venus and Serena Williams to last a lifetime. Don't hate, appreciate. Whether you like it or not, they have brought a fame to tennis when it was just declining. They've brought excitement, triumph, and passion back into the game. Any self-respecting person wouldn't make comments about the looks of another individual on here for the world to see. It's insensitive and dehumanizing. Maybe, we all should just embrace the goodness the Williams sisters have done for the welfare of tennis and stop the hating. It's really getting old now.

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    I think the Williams sisters are fantastic--too bad they're basically it for American women's tennis. I've fallen out a bit when it comes to watching women's tennis, and there are too many new players who are completely unfamiliar to me. Interesting how many Slavic/East European/Russian players there are. I still think a lot of the criticism of the Williams sisters is really meant for their dad. I think that especially for women's tennis, it has traditionally been sort of a refined sport, and any self-promoting has been really low key. Then here come 2 "outsiders" who speak out--I think a lot of tennis fans see this as sort of disrespectful of the sport. I don't know if I'm really getting my point across well--I hope you sort of understand what I mean.

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    My opinion is while some of the hating must originate from racism, a lot more comes from the Williams' attitude. They brought legions of fans and new followers in tennis sure, hats off. But their cocky demeanor even as young players entering the pros, self proclaiming their greatness, not crediting her opponents and making excuses after losses (especially Serena), taking tennis pro like part time job while shooting films, make it seem like they don't pay the proper respect to the game. That rubs off the wrong way for a lot of long time tennis fans.

    If the comments are about the looks, then it is surely insensitive and dehumanizing, as you say.

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    I think it has a lot to do with racism. Tennis is a sport that is mostly played by whites and when the sister's came and started dominating it was on. It's been years now since the William sister's made their marks and its time for people to stop being so narrowminded. They are human beings before anything. If anything, I think its great to see diversity in tennis and other sports. I don't see blacks getting on white players in the NBA. So why can't whites be the same way? It's a shame.

    Billy Jean King didn't seem that hyped over the acknowledgment Venus gave her today. Just ridiculous! Martina Navratilova just seems to hate overall and she was one of my favorite tennis players back in the day. She really disappointed me.

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    I agree with most answer and I also think the criticism that most people do has to do with race and the fact that they (sisters and their family) dont let the media profit from them like they did with Jordan so they focus on the little things to make the sisters look like villains. The Williams are not your traditional players and I think their father did a great job preparing them for life in every single angle including life after tennis. If you look at all the players who were on the top, their life after tennis is mostly meaningless and you can bet the sisters would not even regret or work for someone else like the rest of them. This is America and if you're not black, you'll NEVER know what every day life is like for Black people even for those with money. Its irrelevant to explain to ANY other race what it is like to be black.

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    I applaud Venus and Serena for the way they carry themselves with such class considering all the hate and racism they have had to endure throughout their careers. On the message boards alone, you read everyday hateful posts or comments regarding the sisters looks or whatever else the racist haters can speak on. When confronted with this; how should they be expected to react. Most people want to see them fail because they are black and they know this, they have been dealing with it all their lives. They came in and dominated what used to be known as a "white sport" and they probably will always be hated for that. The sisters tell it like it is and people just can't handle that... If condfidence and having to react definsively at times is considered being cocky... oh well...

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    I think it has to do with racism. Williams sisters have and are still dominating a game that was predominatly white for many years now. Remember, when the sisters came on the scene nobody saw it coming so they thought this was just a one game win when it started but it has gone on for years and the hating gets worst because the best white female players that they have promoted so hard and pushed so hard keep fading with the sisters eg. sharapova. Since they can't talk about how weak and terrible their games are, since this is a sports you have to win, their looks, behavior and strength becomes the only tool.

    These are people, who if you notice stays to themselves because they have each other and many people hate that. They are not doing drugs, prostituting themselves like many others eg Jennifer Capriati, Martina Hingis got so mess up during their time) and this is unbearable for them they must be animals becuase this is inhumane then.

    Bob Marley said in one of his songs"You are going to be tired of seeing my face, but you can't get me out of the race" and that is it with the Williams sisters. People can't take them anymore because they win when they want to and doesn't care who they play and are open about it. Serena is right when she said"no one is going home happy when they see their name next to mine" who would be, knowing they are many times going to be humiliated.

    Williams the father is a different story. He was born in a different time and have experienced what Americans are at their worst and have openly spoken about it and that hurts because many Americans have never met anyone who is of another race who move on the scene to make changes and who doesn't care a damn about their rules etc they are here to change the game in every aspect and they have.

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    the only thing they brought to tennis is laughter after all every circus needs it's clowns..besides evertbody knows those 2 fools only care about money so the jokes on you.

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