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How long does it usually take for cats to get to know each other?

I have had Cat A for about 2 years from the SPCA (he's 4 now) and I recently got a second cat who is a little less then a year. We have kept them seperated in different rooms and let them sniff each other out before a face to face contact.

Since their face to face contact they have been fighting non-stop! How long does it usually take for them to settle down? Cat A is a little overweight and a an alpha male and Cat B is a petite female who loves attention....any suggestions to get these two to calm down or do I just have to wait it out?

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    I had the exact same situation...had my first cat (male) for about two years, then brought in another cat (female) about a year ago. My male cat is a bit high strung and doesn't really like any changes to his environment, my female is one of super friendly cats that gets along with everyone. It took my male about two months to fully accept her being there, those first two months were a bit dicey though.

    As for the fighting thing, check over both cats for scratches, bites, etc. To this day my two go at it like they're fighting to the death, but they never use claws and they don't break the skin. Some cats play rough with each other, as long as neither one is actually hurt it shouldn't be a problem.

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    Hmmm that's tough. The reason your 1st cat is fighting with the other one, is because he doesn't really understand why u got another cat when u had him, and he is fighting because she is small and female, so pretty vulnerable, he was so used to being a single cat, and then some one else comes into the picture. In other word: they will settle down eventually, once they get used to eachother.

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    A cat that has been wormed/vaccinated many times, neutered and in basic terms many times nicely-appeared after will commonly stay for greater or less 15-2 many years in spite of the very incontrovertible fact that my aunt has a healthful kitty who's almost 22 years previous and looks approximately 4 years previous:) in spite of the very incontrovertible fact that exterior cats have the excellent element approximately workout, in addition they have the possibility of catching ailments off different animals. So an indoor cat will probably stay longer.

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    Just wait it out, my cat was the same way when I bought to kittens into our home, well one of the kittens didn't get along with the others for like 2 wks but she eventually came around, though they still fight it's all in good fun and actually really entertaining to see lol. But believe me they won't stay like that for a long time.

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    Let them work it out. We just brought a new cat into our brood and they fought like hell at first, for about a week. Within a week they were tolerating each other, i.e. not freaking out when the other is in the room. Its been about two months and they run, play and nap together. Just give it time.

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    you are supposed to introduce the cats slowly to each other. this process usually takes about 3 or 4 months if you're very good about it. otherwise your cats may never get along that well. check out this animal shelter website for more information:

    or this link will give you other information on cat behavior.

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    Wait It happened to me my cat (female) checkers didn't like my cat chocolate (male) but he loved attention and wanted to be played with but checkers was fighting. After about a year she likes him but sometimes bites his ears for fun.=^.^=

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