acting agents...AGAiN!!?

ok..i know you people have probably heard this question a million and one times, but i have searched for hours and have not found efficient results!! i want to know how i can find a good agent. i know that you have to mail in a cover letter, resume, and headhot, but to who?! i have been searching all over. i don't want to use the ross reports because it only helps if you live in LA or NY. i also don't want to use any online businesses because thats a scam. is there any place in Illinois (near Chicago, Hinsdale, Westmont, Oak Brook...ect) that i can physically send my things to!? i have been acting for over 12 years and i am experienced in acting. i have been in multiple plays. i have also auditioned many times but have never been able to get in because i don't have an agent!! please help me!! thank you!!

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    If you have never had a Talent Agent, how do you know you have never had a good one. As you are not an agent, how can you evaluate whether you had a good one???????

    Here are some Talent Agencies in your area.

    Always tell your parents and friends, where you are going to meet an agent. Give them the agency name, name of the Talent Agent and address/phone number.

    TALENT AGENCY in the Chicago area:

    (You could have looked up this information)

    Ambassador Talent Agents

    333 N. MICHIGAN AVE,

    Suite 910, Chicago, IL 60601

    Tel: 312-641-3491

    Aria Model & Talent Mgmt.

    1017 W Washington Street, #2C

    Chicago, IL 60607


    BMG Talent Group

    456 North May, Chicago, IL 60622

    Tel: 312-829-9100

    Baker & Rowley Talent Agency, Inc.

    1327 W. Washington, Suite 5-C

    Chicago, IL 60607-1914



    Big Mouth Talent

    935 W. Chestnut

    Suite 415, Chicago, IL 60622

    Tel: 312-421-4400

    DeSanti Talents Inc

    700 N Green Street

    Suite 503, Chicago, IL 60622

    Tel: 312-666-1677

    E T A Inc

    7558 S Chicago Ave,

    Chicago, IL 60619

    Tel: 773-752-3955

    Encore Talent Agency, Inc.

    1732 W Hubbard Street

    Chicago, IL 60622

    Tel: 312-738-0230

    Ford Talent Group, Inc.

    1017 West Washington - Suite 2C

    Chicago, IL 60607-2119

    Tel: 312-243-9400

    Geddes Agency

    1633 N. Halsted Street, Suite 300

    Chicago, IL 60614

    Tel: 312-787-8333

    Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc.

    230 East Ohio Street, Suite #200

    Chicago, IL 60611

    Tel: 312-587-1155

    Shirley Hamilton

    333 E Ontario,

    Suite B, Chicago, IL 60611

    Tel: 312-787-4700

    Iris Talent Agency, LLC

    1932 S. Halsted #403

    Chicago, IL 60608

    Tel: 312-563-1005

    Lily`s Talent Agency

    1301 W. Washington, Suite B

    Chicago, IL 60607

    Tel: 312-601-2345

    Moore Creative Talent, Inc.

    1610 West Lake Street

    Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Tel: 612-827-3823

    Naked Voices, Inc.

    865 North Sangamon Avenue

    Suite 415, Chicago, IL 60622

    Stewart Talent Management

    58 West Huron, Chicago, IL 60610

    Tel: 312-943-3131

    Wilson Talent, Arlene, Inc

    430 W Erie Street, Suite #210

    Chicago, IL 60610

    Tel: 312-573-0200

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