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thumb sucking?

what is the most reasonable explanation for why would an adult male suck his thumb?

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    It is basically one of the manifestations of what is called an Oral Receptive Personality.

    An Oral Receptive Personality stems from the oral stage, wherein a child who becomes fixated due to under stimulation transfers his or her unmet oral needs into smoking, drinking, talking, biting fingernails, or sucking one's own thumb, for example.

    Thumb-suckers and gum-chewers (I couldn't agree to this though) are believed to have fixations of unmet breastfeeding.

    The word 'fixated' by the way, came from 'fixation' which is a term in Psychology.

    It is the failure to complete a stage successfully which results in a continuation of that stage into later adulthood, according to Sigmun Freud's theory of Psychosexual development.

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    Comfort. Kids grow up doing this to comfort themselves and as you get older you grow out of it. However, some times, usually due to stress, it may come back as a way to de-stress. That person may not even realize that they are sucking their thumb. I have seen a news report on this. You might want to do some research on it if it becomes an issue.

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    My previous boss sucked her thumb. She sucked her left one whilst she became writing and her perfect one the remainder of the time - she's 30+ and has very comparable formed tooth as Josie! one in each and every of my granddaughters in basic terms stopped whilst she became sixteen !

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    It is a security blanket in the form of a thumb. No big deal. Just wipe your hands frequently.!!!

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    Never got over some sort of hurdle in his childhood if you ask me. That should be corrected, and from what I've seen, it's easier than you think. Any counselor would probably be able to figure that one out in a few meetings.

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    Because he enjoys it! I still suck my thumb, nothing wrong with it, it's comforting,

  • Anonymous
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    ...He never stoped sucking his thumb since childhood and he make of this a habit

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    Most people might think he's gay (and they might be) or it could be like a security blanket from their childhood or just a habit.

    • lazurm5 years agoReport

      "Most" people wouldn't think that adult male thumb sucking is symptomatic of being gay. Those that do are ignorant and not worthy of investing any emotional energy on.

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