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What is msn?

This is a stupid question, but......

What is msn and how do I get it?

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    MSN stands for Microsoft network. Recently MSN has rebranded most of their services with the name Windows Live.

    MSN provides many services such as instant messaging, a search engine and email.

    MSN provide many other services, all of which are listed at the top of their homepage.

    Most of MSN's services are free to use with a NET passport or Windows Live ID.

    Have a look at their site and you may consider signing up.

    The simplest way to sign up is through the link below, simply click it and choose sign up for an account.

    Hope this helps you

    Richard (giloi2007)

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    Lol maybe you mean when people say do you have msn?

    Its msn messenger

    You can just look it up in google and download it


    If you dont have an account go to Hotmail

    and create one

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    its a search engine and you go to and if you want a email press mail and it will come up with hotmail and msn click on msn

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    msn means MicroSoft Network. click here to find out more info

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    It's a messenger program where you can chat with others like your friends.

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    It's a program, that helps you keep contact with your friends.

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    microsoft network. u get it automatically.

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