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My orthodontist says I have to wear a retainer at night for the rest of my life , is that true ?

I had braces. my orthodontist said i have to wear it at night for the rest of my life. but online, it says i only have to wear it till a certain age.

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    Yes, you have to wear it forever, or your teeth will move out of alignment at some point.

    I know a lot of people - adults - who still wear their retainers, sometimes during the day, too. Many people get permanent retainers fastened to the inside of the teeth to keep them in alignment after straightening.

    Read this:

    "Whatever type you and your orthodontist choose, it's important to wear it regularly for as long as your orthodontist recommends. During the initial period (the first year after your braces come off) you will wear it 24/7 for several months. Later, your orthodontist will tell you that it's OK to wear it only at night -- every night. After another year goes by, you can wear it several nights per week. If you totally stop wearing your retainer, your teeth will shift, particularly if you had extractions. Why go to all this trouble and expense, only to screw up your teeth again? Don't be stupid or lazy -- wear your retainer!"

    Now you say you "read this online," too.

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    I got my braces of 3 years ago. I wore my retainer every night for like a year and a half, and then my orthodontist said I could stop wearing it. My teeth haven't shifted or anything..I think you'll be fine.

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    You should wear your retainers for the rest of your life. Bummer, huh? I'm in that situation too. Most people stop after a year though because it's a pain. You can either wear your retainer or get a wire on the back of your teeth, keeping them in place. I prefer the retainer.

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    When I got my braces off back in high school (about 15 years ago now), I was told the same thing. I think I only wore my retainer for about 6 months until I got tired of it, then I stopped. My teeth moved a little, but not enough to make any significant difference. And over the years, my teeth haven't moved back to how they were originally. I think if you wear it for at least a few months, to a year, you should be fine.

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    When I was going to school for dental assisting, I always learned that yes you do have to wear the retainer forever because your teeth can move back into the crooked postion. Listen to your doctor. He is educated in this field and has gone to school a couple years longer then a general dentist. This is his specialty and he has focused specificly on orthodontics.

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    Not all your life! whats the point of the braces you had then?? i think he is just trying to scare you just so you don't forget wearing them.

    Although, same thing with my situation i have removed my braces last October and told me that i have to wear retainer every night for ten years so that my teeth don't go to crocked.

    now that i go see him every 6 months just to make sure that everything is going fine and as your teeth get use to be straighten they'll stop to go crocked as the years goes by.

    Good Luck!

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    yeah, so you can keep paying him or her for all those follow up visits. I say, wear the retainer for two years, then go commando, after that- if anything messes up- fix it with crowns, bridges and veneers. Next time you go to your orthodontist- look at the picture of their kids and take note that their college education will be funded by you. rest of your life- lol

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    I would say yes. Both of my children as well as my sister were told this same advice which none followed. All of them are experiencing shifting of their teeth--what a waste of money.

    Source(s): Our orthodontist and personal experience.
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    mine said the same thing. don't worry about it. i'm not really going to worry =] you'll be fine

    Source(s): i went to the orthodontist Friday!
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