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On the Sci Fi Channel, is the show Ghost Hunters with Jason and Grant real? Or is the show just for fun?

Like is it made up or are the investagations real?

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    No way! That show is 100% real! If it's not real I'm gonna be so pissed off! But I don't think that it's fake.

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    The Atlantic Parnormal Society (TAPS for short) is real, however the problem with having a one hour show is that they really cannot just stand around for 5 minutes and do nothing, do you know how fast Sci Fi would cut to commercial? The investigations are real and a couple of the guys have been attacked by spirits or entities.

    also check out the websites as well!

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    It's an attempt at being real, but they don't shut up so the odds of actually getting anything REAL is slim.. Most of the noises you hear are from them.. from them running, breathing heavy, yelling, whisperelling.. (really loud whispering), shuffling their feet, .. etc. etc.. If they would just STOP, and be quiet for more than 5 minutes or so they may get something legit... (although, most of the time it's not going to be something you see right or hear right away.. it would be recorded on the equipment and you dont' notice until you go back through the footage..

    They aren't the only ones that I see doing that.. (think of Dead Famous.. that one is even worse...they get some REAL footage, but pass it by completely because it wasn't a famous spirit.. just one of the not famous ones.. grr)

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    everything on there is real

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