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{I am looking for some money cheats for Lego Starwars II:The Original Trilogy. I am looking for some money!! Please help?! Any cheats will do. Please write down where you got them from. Thanks!!!}

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well... you can buy the stud multipliers. but they cost over the millions. But think... 2*4*6*8*10= 3840*2(in double stud area)= 7680. And you can get all of the Gold bricks thus unlocking the stud fountain which spews out infinite studs...I think. If you have any problems... I'd go to Google, Gamefaqs, Gamewinners, IGN and Gamespot.

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  • 4 years ago

    the unique 3 super call Wars video clips have been truly the excellent (although if some action picture buffs felt the 2nd interior the sequence "The Empire strikes back"exchange into weaker than a million and 3) .George Lucas exchange into greater drawn to creating tens of millions of greenbacks than making the subsequent 3 video clips particularly much as good as a results of fact the 1st. The technologies exchange into now obtainable to saturate the movies with too many specific in almost each scene. the story line exchange into susceptible .the 1st interior the hot trilogy exchange into approximately what got here approximately in the previous super call Wars4.It had too many effects. undesirable continuity ?

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