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if you were recasting the magnificent 7 who would you cast to play the parts that were done originally by?

yul brenner

james coburn

steve mcqueen

charles bronson

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    Heck with those guys for the moment---I'd cast Johnny Depp in the Horst Bucholtz part for sure---

    Now-- on to your question--

    Yul Brynner-------Samuel L Jackson

    James Coburn-----Vigo Mortensen

    Steve McQueen----Charlie Sheen

    Charles Bronson----Tom Selleck


    Robert Vaughn---Matt Damon

    Brad Dexter---George Clooney

  • bowen
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    1 decade ago

    My choice for Brynner's part would be Kevin Voslo,

    for Coburn's- Keifer Sutherland

    for McQueen's - Barry Pepper

    for Bronson's - Edward Burns

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