Ideas for small business under $100 start up?

What would you think would be a good small business idea that could be started for under $100?? You hear often that the business was started with no more than a few dollars, in the garage or whatever - is it really still possible?


The internet is a great place to advertise and market a service or product. But, what if we wanted to consider reaching those without internet - there are still a few. I was hoping to hear success stories about the person that did not have to rely on this market so much. I did not want to get invited to mass marketing sales, I could do that just about anywhere online. Any other ideas.

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    Hi Christine,

    I suggest you to start an Online Business because the capital to start it is in between the requirement you have asked. It's depend on what kind of Online Business Model you wish to go for.

    Here are some tips for you in how to start an Online Business.

    I'll divide my answers into few section. Wish this answers can give you some reveals how to start your own online business and bring you to success.

    Answer 1

    Do you have any ideas in what kind of products or services you are going to sell for your online business?

    My suggestion is, find somethings you are really interesting with it and you can pay fully passion with it. Otherwise you will give up very very soon. Many successful internet millionaires start their online business with their own interest.


    -Sport website - they love football, NBA, Formula One, etc.

    -Travelling hot spots website - they love travelling.

    -Food recipe website - they love cooking.

    -Entertainment website - they love music, movies, idols.

    -Pets website - they love animals.

    -Loves website - they are experts in dating.

    and many more.

    Start today, think what you are really interesting in?

    Answer 2

    Make sure the products or services you are going to sell with an existing huge market. Do the market research before you start your business. A business won't make money even he has a perfect product or service but there are no market require for that product or service.

    There are many low cost online softwares can help you to determine whether your business with an existing hungry market or not.

    Answer 3

    Create a website.There are many online experts can help you to build up a business website just within 1-2 weeks time. You no need to know anything about web design or programming.

    Just let them know what kind of business you wish to start up, they will help you to create all the business features and tools on your website and make it looks professional.

    Answer 4

    Now you have a best product to sell but your business still can not earn money if you don't have a good marketing strategy. Takes a look at McDonald. McDonald is not selling the best burger in the world, but he own the most franchises all around the world. His successful secret is applying an excellent strategy into his business but not selling the best burger in the world.Get the online supporting team to consult your business step by step to success.

    Wish this opinions can help you.

    Wishing you success.

    p.s : I have to make my explanation in short summarize here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you be willing, you can read my real story and experience in how do I start my own internet home business and use it to earn money for me. Feel free to email me a blank mail with the subject "Real Story". I will share the story with you.

    Kindest Regards,


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    Start A Business With 100 Dollars

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    If you are thinking of starting up a small business. Maybe you could consider explore further into internet business. The investment cost is rather low compare to others.

    There are a lot of internet business models you could consider of, whereby some of them do not need any websites or products (e.g. buying and selling domain names, affiliate marketing, auctions, and many more).\

    Find out more from the link in my profile. It will tell you how to setup a successful online business step by step. It will also tell you what are the reason behind each step, how you could go about doing it and where you could get the necessary resources free or at a low price.

    Hope that it will be helpful to you.

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    The short answer is yes. And no.

    If you want to open a lemonade stand or have a garage sale, it's totally possible. Your return on your investment will probably be 10% - 25%, which is decent.

    If you really want to start a small business, the $100 is a good downpayment on your license and fees.

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    No. Nobody would start a business under somebody else's name for respectable reasons, either he's expecting to be sued or to go bust, or it's some tax man scam. Either way, do not sign.

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    You can start you own business for $99.00, complete with information, CD's, DVD's, postcards and an automatic wholesale price for yourself and family. This Pro Plan Distributor start is for the serious person that really wants to make money. GNLD gives you all that you need and their scientists will educate you and your friends, per DVD. All you have to do is load it and have them watch it.

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    open a website at godaddy (see my link at ) for less than >$100

    be a goto website for various services via affiliate partners for a common ground (ie list of dating websites)

    good luck

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