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Well, I feel bad for the Go Homers that had to go home due to rain, they were all doing so well.?


I was pulling for Ward Burton to get into the show and Boris was on the pole... I just feel bad for those guys.

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    Jeff got the pole by default, & Boris, who had the best time, has to go home.

    That's like watching your ex- drive off a cliff in your new Porsche.

    Number 5 comes this year.

    GO 24 !!!

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    The top 35 rule is nessicary. Without it, it is concieveable that Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr etc miss the race because they wrecked during qualifying. If that ever happened there would be more outrage than what is going on over this. Also the Top 35 is huge for drivers back in points. It forces those 30 on back to keep racing well, or they will soon be free on Sundays. Maybe NASCAR does need to revamp its rainout system, but the Top 35 needs to stay.

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    The rain has really been a big pain in the butt this year! And I really do feel bad for the go homers too. It has to really hurt to be doing so good and it not count for anything.

    It's like a kid (Mickey)studying hard all week for a test, he takes it and aces it. The other kid (Gordon) stayed out late partying and failed the test miserably. Then the teacher says oops, we didn't need to take that exam after all so this test won't count against you or towards your grade and since we can't go back and take another exam, I'll just take your scores from last months test and reapply it towards your grade.

    Source(s): I agree with Scooby's rain proposal, if rain is in the forcast, let the go or go homers qualify 1st to see who gets in the show, then line up the top 35 by points. They may have to start in the back but at least it gives them a chance to race!!!
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    yea i would have liked to seen mikey make it i thought for sure he would be in this and i would have liked to see boris get his second nascar pole even if it ment gordon started 30th but i gotta admit i'm glad he starts first and more importantly gets to pick his pit stall thats the best thing about the pole on a superspeedway where you can get up front from anywhere

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    4 years ago

    Yes, once I was going psycho looking for my cell phone...and it was in my back pocket the whole time! I've also hit a speed limit sign with my bike, made an entire batch of cookies using salt instead of sugar (I still kick myself for buying that huge bag of salt at Costco..who needs that much salt?) and once I drove all the way to school before I realized that I forgot to put shoes on and was wearing slippers. You could say I've had quite a few "blonde moments!"

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    You really can't do anything about it, unfortunately. Mother Nature took it into her own hands. I feel kind of bad for the go homers because they had qualified well before the rain came.

  • scooby
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    1 decade ago

    Thats why I proposed my rain qualifying procedure. poor poor Boris Had the pole and can't race.

  • Yea i feel sorry for them to. Only 14 cars left when the rain hit would have been easier if it just rained right away.. and then the Busch race was rained out to....

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    i feel bad for all of them too!!! they were all doing so well and boris was on the pole and now he isn't even in the race!! that has to hurt for that team!!!

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    I think it stinks. I have never seen any sport fixed like nascar. Yes, fixed. A sport is fixed when 39 drivers don't have to qualify not forgetting the past champion provesional. nascar needs to go back to every driver must qualify himself into the race. So what if one of the favorites don't qualify, just pack and go to the next race. In the NHRA drivers must qualify. In football, basketball, and baseball teams must when their way to play the biggest game of their leagues.

    The only way nascar will will make people qualify is when people stop watching the races, reporters start busting nascar with the same question of qualifying and reminding them they are fixed.

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