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MEXICO moving?

alright well im going to mexico to move and im going into the actual mexico part not tourist part and im not afraid and im going to buy a house to be in the real part of mexico

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    Well, I am another American living in mexico...and I don't know what your question is either! It takes a lot of preparation to move to Mexico. You will need an FM3 visa...which reauires you to have a sufficient provable income to support yourself. There are many details you need to know to make a succesful move and to live successfully here. If you need any help, just write to any of us who have answered who are already living here.

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    I'm not quite sure what your question is exactly, but while being unafraid is good, you also need to be smart about your choices. I wasn't and almost got kidnapped for my ignorance. It's just like any other decision, be careful and if you have friends who are from the area, enlist their help as well.

    I also hope you have actually been to Mexico and know that you like whatever area you're moving to. I'm sure you are proud that you are moving the "real" part of Mexico but living in a different culture can be both rewarding a trying- just remember that being in "real" Mexico makes you a "real" foreigner.

  • So what's your question? I assume that you've visited the place where you'll be buying a house. Mexico is certainly a wonderful country; I wish I could buy a house there. (In the "actual Mexico part" of course, not the "tourist part".)

    Are you trying to impress people that you're "not afraid"?

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    Ok, so what's your question? I am an American and I live in Mexico, "real" mexico as you call it. I live 2 hours north of D.F. Mexico City. I have been here for almost 3 years. I am an English Teacher for a large multinational company. If you need a job when you get here, give me a ring!

    We built a beutiful house for less than $20,000 dollars!

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    Well congratulations!!! Mexico is Beautiful.... What part of Mexico will you be moving too? Enjoy yourself and good luck.

    Here is a link to my pictures of Mexico....

    Youtube thumbnail

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    You will be ok , do not be scared; Mexico is a beautiful country full of traditions and great food.

    Do not let the media scare you. Anywhere you go in this world you will encounter good and bad people. I am sure you will be ok.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Why would you begin A SENTENCE WITH THE INCORRECTLY SPELLED "ALRIGHT"? It has always been all right. And, even so, a not very good way to begin a sentence,written or spoken.

    Good for you moving to my favorite second home. You are very right to stay far away from tourist places.

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    the real part of mexico??????

    what is the opther part? a fake???

    you are going to mexico to move??? or you are moving to mexico????

    what should you be afraid of???

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