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what do u consider cheating??????

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    I think cheating is the following: when a man/women is going out with someone else with out letting his/her partner know. In other words doing a gf/bf thing with another person that is not your bf/gf

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    Hiding anything from your significant other about another person in your life (opposite sex). If youre spending time with this other person and kissing, hugging, holding hands, having sex your cheating. Even if your not sexual but you have feelings for this other person and you see them without your partner knowing, its cheating.

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    Using a marked deck! Very bad!

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    touching, kissing, SEX......anything he does to you is cheating

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  • 1 decade ago

    Kissing, any sexual active, or leading a person on

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    everything that involves, lies, hiding the truth and flirting with someone else..... or if someone does that to you, will you be ok about it????

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    when a guy is with another girl


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