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13 year old birthday party ideas?

My birthday is next month and I need a party idea. Please help. I will post more later.


What should I do for my 13 birthday party? Since my birthday is in the summer everybody has already done everytihng. I don't want a bowling party becuase 2 ppl alreayd did that. I don't want to go to lazer tag becuase it is really far away from where i live. I can't spend very much on a party either. I would have one at my house but i did last year and it was really boring. I'd be inviting my closest friends so that would be about 6 Girls. If they could all come. Please Please Please help!!!! Thanx

Update 2:

I am liking the scavenger hunt thing. But I will have to talk about with my mom but in the mean time i would like more ideas please! thank you.

Update 3:

oh and I am a girl. I am pretty girly...umm i like music...but i don't want a dance party. i did that one year and it was really boring. i m really stressing over this becuase it will be my most adult party becuase i am turning a teen! HELP oh more about me i m just ur regular 12 yr old pretty much.

Update 4:

Scaevnger Hunt Rules:

1. You have one hour to find as much as you can on the list.

2. No help from the other team.

3. Each list will be scrambled up from the other so you won't run into the other team.

4. Stay on 1st/2nd floor only. Maybe

5. Once you find something take a picture of it with a digital camera/phone

6. When were done meet at 1st floor JCPenny entrance.

7. The winning team will get king sized candy bars.

8. After the mall go to my house for b-day cake and presents OR

Sit at the tables in the mall and do presents and cake/ice cream there.

Do you guys think that would be a good plan? Please e-mail me or reaply back to this. Thanx

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    For my 13th birthday party I had a scavenger hunt at a local mall. I invited 5 of my good friends (6 people in total including me.) About 3 days prior to my party my mom went to the mall searching for clues to put on our "clue list" - which both teams would recieve the day of the party. She then created questions for our clue lists. Some questions were in the form of a riddle, so we would have to first figure out the store we had to go to. For example she would write; "This store is named after a city - Go there and buy ONE 'Pocket Angel'" In a different event some questions were straight foward. For example; "Go to Target and purchace a $3.00 pack of goodie hair pins." And finally some questions required us to find information. For example; "How many doors are there in the mall?" On the day of my party all of my guests arrived at my house to meet before we left to the mall. Once we arrived at the mall we were divided into two teams (this was done randomly by picking cards out of a deck.) We also set a 1 1/2 hour time limit to find as much as possible. In addition we figured an end point where we would all meet when we were done. Each team was given a bag to carry, a watch, the clue list \*\*Each clue list was jumbled in a different order so teams would not run into eachother\*\* and $20.00 to spend on items to be bought. My mom also took time to explain the rules and proper mall etiquette when searching...After this we were off! When we finally ended our searching the winning team was awarded jumbo sized candy bars :) We all had a blast and everyone was commenting on funny things that happend during the hunt. The party favors were all the items that we bought during the scavenger hunt; like earings, hair items, etc. My party didn't end there though. We headed off to a yummy italian restraunt where we had cake and opened presents. Considering the fact that this party was fairly in-expensive and GREAT FUN I would recommend this to any teenage girl! I truly had a fabulous time and so did my friends. We still talk about it today!

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    This next one (9 years later) is actually pretty fun. Invite 5 friends over to your house. The next step is to travel to a nearby mall. split up into two teams, and three girls on each! Each team should have a captain. (You will be one of the captains because your the birthday girl!) The captains will each need to use a device with a camera. The teams will each get a list of different items. (I suggest all the items should be different) The two teams will travel around the mAll and take pictures of the items on their list that they can find! The teams will both report back to the place they started after 1 hour and 15 minutes. The team that found all/the most items could win maybe a gift card to the store they choose. I know this is 9 years late but yeah!

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    I really like the scavenger hunt idea. I went to a party once where a girl had a mall scavenger hunt and it was a lot of fun. You have to put some work into it, though, because if it's too easy or too hard, it doesn't work out. But it sounds great!

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    13 year old birthday party ideas?

    My birthday is next month and I need a party idea. Please help. I will post more later.

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    Since it's your first year as a real teen you gotta rock out with the decorations!! for my 13th birthday I decorated my whole room with streamers and balloons and it was totally poppin!!I hope this helps you with your ideas, oh yeah and whatever you do don't have a slumber party, trust me I tryed and it doesn't work unless you really know how to put one together!

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    Sleep over, movie, an activity like bowling, my friend is going to a theme park for her birthday in August so any type of theme or amusement park. It depends on what you like to do and how much money you're willing to spend.

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    Is there a big amusement park near you? When I was thirteen, my parents paid for a few friends and took us to an amusement park. Alternatively, my friend's dad took us to the race track and gave us each $30 and let us bet on the horses. He was a very rich man, too, and we stayed in the turf club and watched his horses race.

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    how about a slumber party thats what i did we played hide and go seek in the dark, had a pinata, sprayed silly string at each other and ate lots of pizza oh and of corse opened presents, and we played hot potato, musical chairs

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    i turned 13 last September and i invited a few friends to an indoor water park. it had a hotel and we stayed the night there. it was a blast.

  • wish i could help.

    but i have no idea what im doing for 16 *and its this month*

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