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As a non-native learner, how can I learn to pronounce "perro" in Spanish so it does not sound like "pero"?

I'm sure word substitution is an option, but I'd rather use common words for common things.

How can I learn to pronounce the rolling R's?

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    I am a Filipino and I can do that. 'Coz all filipinos speaks Spanish in the old days.

    Okay, let me teach you. You want to learn how to pronounce "perro" in Spanish but you always pronounce it as Pero, right?


    Try pronouncing RR stronger like what the other people said.

    It's just like you're playing a motorcycle toy, right? Try imagining it.

    Rrrrrr!!! Am i correct?

    If you get it, do it again, and again, and again until you can do it.

    =D Hope it works.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The others have some good suggestions...but this is what worked for me. Say the word "ladder" or "udder" about 30 times, really fast. Then say a Spanish word with RR. You'll do much better. These "dder" words seem to get your tongue in the right place for it. :) P.S. If you come from Australia, England or another region that doesn't have a hard R sound in English (laddah, uddah rather than ladder and udder), you may have a hard time ever pronouncing it.

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    I'm not a native Spanish speaker, but I do have problems with this in Italian - one r versus two r's. The thing is, you have to over-emphasize the r's - and in order to do this, you have to shorten the preceding vowel a bit. Another way to do it is to make it a bit of a joke, over-rolling the r's for longer than they need to be until the person understands what word you're trying to say. For more advice, try the link in my Sources.

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    Say the rrs sliding the front half of your tongue back across the funny ridges behind your upper teeth.

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    Unfortunately, being able to roll your rrs is similar to being able to roll your tongue; it's one of those genetic oddities. You could try to 'push' the air between your teeth and the top of your tongue to try to get something close to the rolling rr.

    Source(s): fluent in spanish
  • Just spend time everyday trying to trill the r's.Eventually you'll find your tongue doing the work like a pro.

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    You must bring your tongue to the top of your teeth and make it move like trebling, make sure you understand that there are two RRs and not one :)

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    You just have to pronounce the RRs stronger

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    Ever watch kiddies cartoons, the one with speedy gonzalez, if you can say arriba like he does, then you have the double r sound!!

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    Stick your tongue just above your upper teeth and make it treble.

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