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Y&R fans! If you could pick couples that you would like to see matched up, who would you pick?

I would pick Phyllis and Nick back together.

Sharon and Brad together, since they both love each other but won't do anything about it.

I would like to see Lily and Daniel working it out.

Amber is suppose to leave soon so find someone new for Cane.

Nikki and David, to mix things up.

Victor with no one for now, until Nikki gets her head on straight and is ready for Victor again, or maybe just let them be done for good this time.

Jack with Logan, cause I hear a rumor going around that she is going to fall for him.

Neil with Karen.

Jill and Ji min is really ugly together but they are talking marriage soon so I guess that isn't going to change.

Get Devon back in there with the new person they are suppose to bring on for him.

Victoria and JT can stick together that is fine with me.

Hum am I missing anyone?

Who would you like to be together?


Oh that is who I forgot I forgot Kevin, I would like to see Kevin and Colleen get together!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Kevin & Colleen

    keep Nick & Phyllis together

    keep Lily & Daniel together

    Devon & anybody

    Amber should die and so should Cane..he & Lily would LOOK good together but if she cant take a porn addict she definitely wont be able to handle a sex addict..all Cane & Amber ever do is ****

  • 1 decade ago

    Phyllis & Jack, Victor& Hope (maybe they could also bring Victor Jr. back so they can try to be a real family), Victoria & Ryan (I know it is asking a lot to bring him back from the dead, but these two were a hot couple. I would also like Heather Tom to come back as Victoria), Nick & Sharon, Nikki and David Chow (I honestly couldn't think of who to put her with. I am not liking her too much right now. She deserves to be alone honestly.), Neil & Karen, Logan & Malcolm (I would love for him to come back), Lily & Cane (It would serve Amber and Daniel right), Amber & Daniel (these two losers can't stay away from each other, they might as well be together), Kevin & Colleen (I don't trust Adrian anymore. And he was a jerk for running to Maggie and Paul and telling them everything. And those two have been through a lot together. I was originally against the idea of them as a couple. Now the idea doesn't bother me), Maggie & Paul, Brad & Brooke (from the Bold and the Beautiful), Jill & Ji Min, J.T & Mackenzie, last but not least, Esther and the security gaurd at the Chancellor estate.(Hey Esther needs some loving too!!).

    I would like to also see Gina have a love life. But I had no idea who to put her with. Maybe Gina could hook up with Eric Forrester. Gina could give Stephanie a run for her money. Gina and Stephanie could have cat fights. That would be funny. Katherine needs a man too. But I honestly couldn't think of any guy close enough to her age.

    I want to see Jana, Adrian, and Devon leave the show.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sharon and Nick- My favorite two characters right now

    Phyliss and Jack- Maybe if Summer has both her parents she will turn out better then Danial

    Micheal and Lauren- I hope no more trouble comes there way

    Danial and Amber- They deserve each other

    Kevin and Colleen- Adrian is so boring

    Brad and Glo- The two people I hate the most making each other miserable

    Cane and Lily

    Neil and Dru- Yes, I want Dru back

    Karen and Victor- She wont take his **** like Nikkie does

    Nikkie and David- They deserve each other

    Victoria and Adrain- So they can disappear together, they are so boring

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't agree with Nick with Phyllis. Nick was obviously not in his right mind when he fell in love with her -- so his true love will always be Sharon. Nick and Sharon all the way!

    I would like Cane take an interest in Heather (Paul's daughter) -- when Amber leaves to promote her album - I think Heather would be great for Cane -- plus we'll probably end up finding out he's a bad guy out for the Chancellor fortune and who better than to bring him down -- his own girlfriend Heather, the Assistant District Attorney.

    I would like to see Logan with Kevin. Kevin needs a love interest as Jana is going to be arrested soon.

    Victoria and JT make me gag - but apparently, they are expecting a child together off screen, so I guess the writers are hoping for some chemistry between these two. I just don't see it.

    I would like Daniel to fall in love with Heather as well and that would cause drama for Cane -- LOL I would LOOOVE THAT to HAPPEN!

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  • Mandi
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    1 decade ago

    I want to see Sharon and Nick back together of course!!! I think they have always had chemistry for each other even tho they did stray from one another..it was a well needed break after Cassies death.

    Brad needs to rot away i think. He will get caught eventually and go to jail anyway..so maybe he'll make a great ***** for someone in the slammer!

    I think Phillis and Jack need to be back together...Summer is Jacks and I think that they will eventually rekindle each others sparks..until of course Logan stirs things up a little for the both of them....Someone needs to break Sharon and Jack up..soo i'm leaving that up to Logan to do to help Nick out!

    Jill and Ji Min are perfect together. I think Jill needs someone who can keep up w/ her mind, body and spirit!!! And Ji MIn is young enough to do so!

    I think Nikki deserves someone that can treat her right. And David is showing that he cares and is giving her the attention a woman needs...

    Neil needs someone to be interested in and to share time with...i dont necessarily think he's ready for someone new yet, but he needs a friend of some sort.

    Maggie and Paul just need to quit messing around and have a normal relationship!

    Victoria and JT need to stay togehter...they are great!

    Cane and Logan or better yet Lilly would make a good match....

    Adriene and Collene are good...

    As for the rest..they need single time!

  • 1 decade ago

    Phyllis and Nick, they are good together

    Sharon alone

    Daniel and someone new

    Cane and Lily, they both do not trust their spouses

    Nikki and Victor, because they will always end up together

    Victoria and JT

    Colleen and Kevin, just for the irony

    Jack and Logan

    Neil and Karen, I guess

    Jill and Brad, wouldn't that be interesting :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Phyllis and Nick back together

    Daniel and Lily break up and Daniel get with Amber

    Lily and someone knew Adrian maybe???

    Sharon and Jack

    Kevin and Colleen

    Victor with nobody right now or maybe bring back Hope

    Neil and Karen

    Victoria and JT

    Devon and someone knew

    Gloria alone for a long long time

    Nikki and Brad alone forever or maybe dead so they can't ruin even more lives!!!

  • Lu
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Sharron and Brad for the hot sex..

    Phyllis and Cane

    Kevin and Logan

    Nikki and David.. Victor and her drive me nuts and at least she is being treated half way decent with David drooling all over for her

    Victoria and JT

  • 1 decade ago

    Bring back Malcolm and Dru and put them together.

    Put Karen with Neil

    I'd like to see Cane and Brooke from B&B hook up too. He looks like her type. A man!

  • 1 decade ago

    paul and maggie, colleen and anybody else...not Kevin...eugh...

    what about Kevin and...I have no idea..

    how about Gina and Victor and Nikki's butler, whose name i just forgot...

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