serious question about passing drug test...?

i have to take a drug test in about 1 and a 1/2 weeks for a very nice job that i definitly want...i am a weed smoker...i do not touch anything else...but unfortunatly weed can stay in the system for over a month...i need something that will work 4 sure, there is no second guessing here...its either pass and get the great job or fail and not get please tell me what works and is undetectable...

ps: please if your going to make comments about how its illegal and how its bad for you and how i shouldnt do it...

1st its non of your business if you dont have a answer to my question

2nd...weed is less harmful than alcohol

3rd its only illegal cause its hard to regulate and tax and for dui situations

4th i smoke a few times a week...i dont live my life with a bowl hanging out of my mouth...and even if i did, id still be better off than the weekend binge drinker

5th...peace out...keep it 420 my brothers and sisters

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    Google these two things "Jack Price" and "drug test", you should be able to find a pdf document that he made. He was a lab technician before he got fired, and as he put it, he let out their secrets because he was pissed. It is the most informative piece I have read on the subject. He explains all the types of tests in FULL detail, including ways that do and don't work and why they do or don't work. Don't listen to the ashholes who say it is impossible and your stupid, cuz it is not and neither are you. It may be tough especially with only a week to go, I am in that exact scenario right now which is how I came across your question, Ironically looking for more to add on to my answers, but it can be done. I have witnessed it. Especially don't pay any mind to the ones who say they work in a lab and it is impossible because if I did pass the drug test, that was the idiot my urine slipped by, so how would he possibly know if anyone fooled the test if they passed. If you can't find it at all I can try to send you the text of mine on an email or something, but that must be done privately, not through this.

    P.S. The Brits have released a scientific study that shows a specific chemical in Marijuana is responsible for faster growth in regenerating brain cells, But alcohol can still KILL you.

    Quoted from ""

    Liver cirrhosis resulting from alcohol abuse is one of the ten leading causes of death in the United States.

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    Your all wrong, i don't know why you pessimistic judgmental fools bother answering this poor bloke if all you want to do is run him down, he's in a serious predicament! The guy actually really wants a job so help him out!!

    ok mate theres only one full proof way to pass and thats using synthetic urine and a whizzard or whizzinator, these can be purchased from sites such as freosfinest. kom , or if your in Western Australia go to Fremantles Finest. There is also other places like whizzinatoraustralia etc. These places have devices and concoctions for passing any drug test including hair drug tests and saliva drug tests. In fact I'd recommend anyone that takes drugs should keep a bottle of saliva detox in their centre console just in case they get picked up they can give their mouth a quick rinse and all toxins are rinsed from their mouth for up to half an hour. Course do not ever drive a motor vehicle if the drugs are likely to impair your driving capabilities.

    I know I'm going to get barraged with abuse by a whole lot of do gooders who know nothing about taking drugs now, but I dont care, I won't even read them, all I can say to them is get a life;)

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    Well, first of all, any idiot would know not to smoke any between now and then. I'm assuming you know that, but just incase.

    Second, a person I know that smokes takes niacin 3 times a day to get it out of his system.

    I have heard that GNC sells a product they keep behind the counter that will make you pass. Its $50, from what I understand.

    You can go to the pharmacy and get a drug test over the counter to take and see if you will pass. It works kinda like a pregnancy test.

    Trying to convince yourself that it is good for you and all that crap is stupid so I hope your perfect job doesn't involve using your brain. It looks like you have very few brain cells left, in my opinion. There are plenty other reasons its illegal other than the ones you've listed. Tell me its safer than alcohol when you have lung cancer in 7 years. (no, I am not saying drinking is right either. I don't drink or smoke.) Look inside your bowl, see all that build up? What do you think it is doing to your lungs?

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    Their is nothing you can do to get it out of your system intime to pass the drug screen. Also if you attempt to reschedule your screening that is usually a dead give away you will not pass. Now you may hear that drowning yourself in cranberry juice or sweating it out with extreme activity or my favorite which is digesting certain other chemical can help you pass but the scientific truth is none of these have been proven to work. Also sneaking clean urine fails also because any descent lab now test temperature also.

    You made a choice you are apparently proud of so why are you having such a hard time living with the consequences of that choice? By they way if you knew you were applying for this great job why didn't you at least stay clean the 30 days since drug tests are pratically mandatory today.

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    There is NO 4 sure way. You may get all kinds of suggestions about diluting you pee, or over the counter stuff you can take and many other urban legend methods.

    The facts are, that if you smoke as often as you say you do, you are not likely to pass the test, no matter WHAT you try. There always is a remote chance that the test won't catch it. There alway is that chance. But you are asking for a guaranteed method, and it just does not exist.

    Source(s): HIring and staffing since 1980
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    If you have a week and half that is plenty of time. First of all drink tons of water every single day. Obviously, stop smoking during this time. Do you have any head shops in your area? They often sell products you can take. Or how about GNC? They have tons of stuff you can do. Also, in a few days, go to Walgreens and get a home drug test kit just to make sure. They are really cheap now so you can get several and keep testing yourself every couple of days. You are lucky you have that much time. Most people get a 24 hr notice tops. Good Luck!

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    ignore the weed haters, you can pass the test by drinking lots of water. don't smoke between now and then, and if all else fails, if know someone is clean, this mean prescription drugs too, cause they will ask if ur on any scripts, and may ask u to provide proof, get yourself a non-lubricated condom, fill w/ clean urine sample, wear a pair of briefs, if you don't already, put urine filled condom under your sack. the urine must be body temp., so you have to make sure it stays warm. when needed, i always collected the urine right before my test, kept it warm in my ample cleavage. take a safety pin or something you can poke hole in condom to get urine out. it's always worked for me and others. urine has to be body temp. or they will not accept it. can email me if you wanna know more or anything else. peace my brother.

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    This is not a forum for you to explain why you are smoking pot, get over it, grow up and try yyour best to get it the heck together. It's better than someone who drinking a lot. Easy to take some bad, compare it to something as bad and try to make it look or sound OK. Sell it some place else my friend.

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    You're screwed. There is NOTHING that flushes weed out of your system FOR SURE. And God forbid they do a hair analysis, which is becoming popular. They can tell anything you've ever tried with that. And just FYI, even after a month, there are still traces. Most companies dont report that, but they may mark you for further evaluation if they are suspicious. Good luck anyway. Oh and weed is not less harmful than alcohol.

    Source(s): Worked for a drug testing agency for a summer. Studied under a PhD biochemist.
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      Oh, Christine, I beg to differ! You and Vince are incorrect. There is something, if your a female. Check it out at

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    it is better than being a drunk but just go to cheap talk @ it will answer all of your questions. good luck!!

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