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is sidney crosby getting a long term deal with the pens?

i hope he does. if it's possible, i hope they can keep him for 7 yrs..60 million dollars. that would be a dream.

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    He shouldn't sign for anything more than 4 years. With the team they have right now they should be in good position to win a cup fairly soon. If he signs for 4 years he would be there for the next 5 including next season.

    If they can't win a cup within the next 5 years, then they will never win it. By the time Malkin, Staal and all the young players reach 25 y/o they won't be able to pay them and will sign elsewhere as UFA's leaving Crosby on his own with a boat load of money but cupless...

    So, by signing a 4 year deal he would then have a contract until he's 25 and able to test the waters as an UFA where he will be able to sign with whatever team he feels will be closer to winning a cup.

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    It was reported that talks were going well and thad Sid wants to make sure guys like Malkin and J. Staal are taken care for the future, this is to ensure that the team continues to be good for a long time.

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    They are working on it right now but it would be the BEST THING EVER if they kept him forever because i would die if he left Pittsburgh. He's SO INCREDIBLE they CANT afford to lose him! And I dont think that he's going to command that much money because he already said that he doesnt want to be the highest paid player in the NHL and he wants to keep the core group of young players together. Commanding that much money is not going to keep their group together... LETS GO PENS!!!!

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    No doubt about it.

    Sorry to make the ever-so-lame comparison, but it'll be like how Gretzky stayed with the Oilers for a while. Hopefully nothing freaky will happen again like Gretzky (moving to L.A.). I'd like to see him retire in Pitt. He fits in with the team very well.

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    I think that's coming at the end of next season. Your numbers seem about right though.

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    why would they let the kid that's better then Gretzky go? They're only getting better and him staying (and he wants to) is the main priority that will be resolved!

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    Ugh...I hope not.

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