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what is kevin trudeau's cure for HIV/AIDs and herpes?

a close friend of mine was just diagnosed with HIV/aids and someone in my family has been suffering with herpes ever since i can remeber.

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    Read the World's largest studies on sexual transmission and decide for yourself.....

    The 10-year Padian study observed sexually active

    couples in which one partner was HIV positive. The result: in 10 years, not one uninfected partner contracted HIV, even though all participants admitted to having sex without condoms. The study states, 'We followed up 175 HIV-discordant couples over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up. The longest duration of follow-up was 12 visits (6 years).

    We observed no seroconversion [infection] after entry into the study."

    In the three-year Stewart study (1985) not one male partner of HIV-positive women contracted HIV. Prostitution is not even listed as an HIV risk category by the CDC, because of the extremely low incidence of HIV transmission to clients who have no other risk factors (i.e. drug abuse).

    These findings bolster the hypothesis of some AIDS scientists that chronic malnutrition and other environmental factors, and not a sexually-transmitted virus, are the causes of weakened immunity in people diagnosed with one of the nearly 30 AIDS-defining diseases (which vary from country to country).


    Page-Shafer is a researcher at the Center for AIDS Prevention at the University of California, San Francisco. At the 2004 World AIDS Conference, she presented data from a study of 400 men whose only form of sexual behavior was receiving oral sex. Despite little condom use with multiple partners -- including partners known to be infected with HIV -- none of the men came down with HIV infection.

    "We had zero infections over 1,493 person-years of exposure to oral receptive sex," Page-Shafer tells WebMD. "This doesn't mean there aren't factors that contribute to easier HIV transmission by oral sex. It does happen. But data confirm it is a pretty rare occurrence."

    Sex And HIV: Behaviour-Change Trial Shows No Link

    The East African (Nairobi)

    March 17, 2003

    Posted to the web March 19, 2003

    By Paul Redfern, Special Correspondent Nairobi

    A UK funded trial aimed at reducing the spread of Aids in Uganda by modifying sexual behaviour appears to have had little discernible effect.

    The trial, carried out on around 15,000 people in the Masaka region, involved distributing condoms, treating around 12,000 victims of sexually transmitted diseases and counselling.

    However, while the trial led to a marked change in sexual behavioural patterns, with the proportion reporting causal sexual partners falling from around 35 per cent to 15 per cent, there was no noticeable fall in the number of new cases of HIV infection, although there was a significant reduction in sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea.

    The trial results, which were reported in the British medical journal The Lancet, have already aroused some controversy.

    The team leader of the trial, Dr Anatoli Kamalai, acknowledged that there was "no measurable reduction" in HIV incidence with "no hint of even a small effect."

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    Yes, there isn't any. Herpes is caused by a virus. Actually, there is little cure for viruses nowadays. The only thing that you can generally do in the case of a viral infection is strengthen the immune system and hope it fights it off. Not with Herpes, the immune system can't win against it. Thus you only get to treat the symptoms. Once you're infected, it stays with you for life. So don't get infected.

    Personal experience. I have had genital herpes for over 5 years.

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    Well I haven't completely read the new book but from what I can piece together the cure has something to do with strenghtening the immune system.

    And to all the people who bash Kevin Truedeau read alot of the other alternative publications and I bet some of the info is the same or if the info isnt unusual.

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