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I was wondering who why were Robert E Lee, Stonewall and Grant so reputable?

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    Robert E. Lee had a long and illustrious military career with the United States before he resigned his commission as Commandant at West Point to join his home state in the Confederacy. He knew from the outset that the Confederate States of America (CSA) could not win against the United States of America (USA) or Northern States. He was even offered command of the northern forces by President Lincoln, but could not force himself to bear arms against his fellow Virginians.

    He loved his troops, admired their bravery, and (with one exception) never wasted them. To a man they would all die for Bobby Lee. When Richmond was finally taken, he made the difficult decision to end the war after four years of fighting against superior forces who were better trained, better equipped and better fed. He'd lost his own home, most of his own wealth, and suffered his own hardships during the course of the war and never complained. After the war he accepted a post at William college and died 5 years later. He was mourned by both North and South. The college was renamed William and Lee.

    Stonewall Jackson was a Bible-thumping soldier of God who fought like hell and his men followed him. He never fought on a Sunday. He got the nickname "Stonewall" at the first battle in the war when his men stood fast while other Confederates were running. One officer yelled at his men to look at Jackson's command because they were standing like a stone wall. He had several brilliant military victories to his credit, but was killed in a friendly fire incident. A sentry mistook him and his staff for a company of Yankees and sounded the alarm.

    Ulysses S. Grant has the distinction of graduating in the same class of West Point as Robert E. Lee, but Lee was at the top of the class with not one demerit and Grant was dead last. Grant was an alcoholic, a devoted family man, and a terrible business man. The only thing he was good at was war which he considered a bloody business to be ended as quickly as possible. He was the bulldog that wouldn't let Bobby Lee rest. He was always on the move and he fought anyway he could to bring the war to a close. If that meant burning farms and plantations so the Rebel Army would starve, so be it. If it meant ordering Sherman to march through the heart of the South, burning and tearing up railroads, that was just what had to be done. The only battle he really regretted fighting as he did was Cold Harbor.

    After the war was done, he took Lee's surrender with dignity and let Lee keep his. Later he was elected President but had the same bad business sense in that post as he had throughout most of his life.

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    Because they understood what Sacred Honor was and they applied in their lives. Sacred Honor in the same spirit and intent of those 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Sacred Honor which is something they we are lacking in these times, just look at the current crop of politicians. Other than Representative Dr. Ron Paul are any of them following the Constitution of the United States to which they have sworn an oath.

    Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and U. S. Grant understood Sacred Honor and they have been honored for that by the people every since no matter the side of that war on which they served.

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    Historians mostly from from the South have totally distorted the reputations of these two men. Lee has been elevated to almost mythological heights while Grant was a drunkard butcher who only won because of overwhelming superiority in numbers. The facts tell a different story. Lee never won a battle outside of his home state. That means he had the luxury of in-depth knowledge of the land, roads and rivers. He enjoyed the support of partisan citizens and his troops fought with that extra fervor that comes when fighting on your own soil. Also, he was lucky to initially fight against inferior generals. Lee was defeated every time he fought on union soil. Contrast that with Grant who fought every battle in hostile territory sometimes hundreds of miles from friendly soil. Grant never lost a battle. Grant was considered a butcher but Lee lost a larger percentage of men per battle when compared to Grant. Remember, that Grant was usually on the offense while Lee primarily fought defensively. Typically the offensive side will lose more troops than the defense. We hear how Grant allowed his troops to be slaughtered at Cold Harbor but Lee lost 3 times that number in the misguided Pickett's charge. Even in Lee's much heralded victories in the 7 days and Chancellorsville battles he lost more troops than the North did. There was no way the South could prevail with these kind of results. Lee had absolutely no strategic skills with regard to the war. As a commander of an army it is expected that they should provide some kind of strategy for victory. It appears that Lee's only strategy was to defend VA and hopefully win a few major battles that would bring Lincoln to the bargaining table. Here he terribly misjudged Lincoln. Conversely, Grant understood that victory would come by controlling the west which included the Mississippi and the major railways. Then he could surround the remaining Rebels and tighten the noose while starving them. In my opinion Lee's tactics only hastened the end of the war. He neglected to defend the places that were strategically vital while squandering his forces in meaningless battles.. Generals Beauregard and Joe Johnston were much more conscious of a proper strategy which in my opinion was to drag the war on by denying the North any major victories while conserving troop strength and resources until hopefully the North would tire of the sacrifice and concede to Confederate demands. But Lee's fame grew with his dramatic victories and so he was encouraged to continue that path to defeat.

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    Robert E Lee was probably the most successful general of the confederacy, 'Stonewall' jackson earned his reputation at the 1st battls of bull run when his brigade held and rallied the confederate line.

    Ullyses simpson Grant was a general of the Union forces who after they won the war went on to stand for and win the presidency of the USA.

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    All three because they were great military strategists during the Civil War in America and were outstanding in their leadership of their men.


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    Because they came from the good times when people you disagreed with actually based their opinions on solid debatable fact. Even when they were wrong, they were respectable and honorable.

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    when they fought they won. If you are a winner you are reputable to your countrymen.

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