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Query Regarding wireless internet connection.?

I am planning to buy a laptop and i have asked a few friends regarding the wireless internet connection that i can take and following are the choices that i arrived at.

1. I would need to buy a wireless router and get a WiFi connection which would work for a 50 metre radius (at my home i can use but cant go out)

2. I have to buy a wireless internet card that reliance offers ... this is basically a card that plugs in to my laptop and i can go anywhere (and i dont know how far this is reliable).

Is there any other way to get a wireless connection ? Also, I am not able to decide which one to opt for. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Well, most laptops have build in wireless connection support, so as far the laptop is concerned you shouldn't require a wireless card.

    Now regarding the wireless router.

    Do you have some kind of Internet connectivity already installed?

    If yes -then you can buy a cheap wireless ACCESS POINT, or a cheap WIRELESS ROUTER with no modem. In such a case, that an Internet connection does exist myself I would suggest a wireless access point that you can expand to cover more areas.

    If no -then you may need to may an ADSL wireless router. In such a case in order to expand your wireless network you would need to buy an additional wireless access point. There are some expensive wireless ADSL routers that act as an ACCESS point and can be expandable.

    Also many ISP providers when you subscribe for the Internet service they offer wireless routers at discount prices or even free of charge. It would be a good idea to ask for an offer for your ISP as well.

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    You are making this harder than it has to be.

    All laptops come with a built in wireless card already. If the one you are buying doesn't, don't buy it. Any major manufacturer will have it included. That will solve point #2 in your question.

    You definately need a wireless router to connect to your cable or dsl connection, or whatever you may have where you are (except dialup). You want to get a router with the best range. The Wireless N routers (belkin, linksys, netgear) have great range, but cost a lot more than your traditional G routers.

    The only other way to get a wireless connection is to go out with your laptop (with the wireless card in it) to a hotspot and either get it for free if offered, or some places charge for it.

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    Best to buy a laptop already set-up for wireless. Yes price is an issue, but instant access even before you leave the store... maybe good. I use a Toshiba Satellite w/ a generic wireless router through DSL

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    First you need to buy the stuff consisting of a cable modem, a wireless router, and wireless cards for your computers. Once those are all setup, the rest is simple. Put you install cds in the computers with the wireless cards and the rest is done by the computer.

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    Most modern laptops include a built-in WiFi card, so you don't need to buy a separate PCMCIA card. You will need a good WiFi router though.

    Ask your ISP if they provide them or talk to the store that sells your laptop, they can suggest AND support a router you buy from them.

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