is it a smart move to sell my 360 for a ps3?

i have many games for the 360 and i love it. i love the online play and all the games. but ps3 has some good games too. i will miss games like gears of war but i heard resistance is good too.

achievements are amazing but sometimes i feel like i try to go for achievements instead of actually beating the game.

i just feel that the ps3 will be better in the long run and im not sure what to do. i think i can make a lot of money for my games and the 360 itself but im not sure. and with the price break i think it will be a good deal.

im not that excited for halo 3 because all the halos have been the same and ive never played mgs before so that might be cool

so what i want to know is if all the people out there with a ps3 are satisfied. and if people have sold their 360's for a ps3 and if they are happy with it.

thanks in advance

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    If you love your 360 so much and have so much games for it selling it would be a bad idea but if you do decide to sell it for a ps3 you will have alot of money and since the ps3 is a fairly new console so there are not that much games for the ps3

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    ummm. As a lover of the Playstation 3, I would advice for you to sell your 360 for the PS3. The best game for the 360 is Gears of War, which might have a sequel to it soon. Theres a cool thing I love about the PS3. If ou sell your 360 for the PS3, you can sell the PS3 again if you don't like it. Sell the games you dont want for your 360. Once you do that, you'll probably have the money for the PS3, just in case you want to buy the Xbox 360 back. make sure you sell it on eBay or something to get more money for it. Again, for the price, the PS3 is the most powerful gaming system in the world, and don't forget it!!!

  • There will be a 100 dollar price cut for PS 3 at the end of this month. So wait til then and sell your xbox 360 and games to get a PS3. Trust me man the xbox 360 is a wonderful system but it breaks a lot and will not compete with the more powerful PS 3 in the long run.

    Dude if the price cut is true then get it. Sony makes reliable machines and the games on it will be great.

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    the problem is the PS3 is $200 more than an Xbox and you box is used so you'll only get maybe $200 for your xbox then you have to buy new games and controllers it's not a good idea financially . i've played both systems and you can't tell the difference. accept for online play way better on the xbox. plus there are many more games out for xbox than PS3 it's been out longer.

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    relies upon, might he play it very oftentimes or each as quickly as in awhile? psonline is unfastened jointly as Xbox stay costs u month-to-month. Ps3s are greater helpful hassle-free to survive xboxs on words of sturdiness and existence span. Xbox has a killer selection of video games, although if the ps3 has some good unique titles below its belt additionally. I gotta say tho it truly comes right down to the play adventure. So if all his friends have Xbox it would be a great theory to start there. As for connect, specific it somewhat is an particularly cool function yet I actual do no longer see a choose for it, psmove a minimum of enables u to apply a gaming gun to interchange the previous controller, which seams lots cooler to me then purely portray or dancing or and so on. as for the casual gamer i might say ps3 all the way, unfastened on line, hardy device, can no longer pass incorrect. It purely truly comes right down to workers selection

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    I will suggest u sell it in like October coz then ps3 will have lots of new cool games.Iam satisfied with my ps3 but the thing is right now it doesnot have enuff games....I will not go into details of graphix comparison n all but I wud say this that in the end ps3 WILL stand out from the crowd.

  • well i think ps3 is better i have one graphics are much better than 360 and wii so at the end u gotta choose ps3 or 360

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    dont there like the same!

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    if yuo want to

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