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Achieving optimum definition this week (details inside)?

On Saturday I have an event coming up in which I am required to wear an unbuttoned shirt on. I am perfectly fine with my body as is, but I'd like maximum muscle definition.

On Monday I worked my Abdominals, Tuesday I did very minor back and bicep work, Wednesday was rest day, Today (Thursday) I did some tricep and chest work.

Tomorrow I an debating if I should do another Abdominal day, because the over training might take away from some gains. I'd like an experts advice on the situation please.

(Note: before you ask where's legs, I did squats and stuff on saturday)

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    do a bit of everything, light weight and many reps. dont get too sore. If u want absolute maximum definition after that use some of that fake tanning stuff, that washes off but looks really helps.

    Source(s): i am not an expert or anything, i workout daily and am 16 years old.
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    Absolutely! You can do've only done abs 1x this week....abs can be done 3x a week. You could do a nice ab session and then sat before your event another quick chest session for your unbottoned shirt.

    I also recommend a solarium session for extra definition.

    Good luck!

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