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Where does the name of the lunchmeat SPAM come from?

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    SPAM got its name from a 1936 contest sponsored by Hormel owner Jay C. Hormel, who wanted a name as distinctive as the taste of his new meat product. Kenneth Daigneau, an actor and the brother of a Hormel vice president, came up with the name SPAM by taking the "Sp" from spiced and "am" from ham. His creativity won him the $100 prize.

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    Where Did Spam Originate

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    According to The Internet Society, " The term "spam" as it is used to denote mass unsolicited mailings or netnews postings is derived from a Monty Python sketch set in a movie/tv studio cafeteria. During that sketch, the word "spam" takes over each item offered on the menu until the entire dialogue consists of nothing but "spam spam spam spam spam spam and spam." This so closely resembles what happens when mass unsolicited mail and posts take over mailing lists and netnews groups that the term has been pushed into common usage in the Internet community."

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    Where Does Spam Come From

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    Spiced Ham.

  • SPAM aka Salty Pet Ape Meat

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    Stuff Posing As Meat.

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    the way i understand it spam came out for hawaii during the 2 world war,,,,,they had no way to store meat at that time, so american canned meat for them.....specially packaged american meat (spam) i guess now spam is like a delicacy in hawaii now.....

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    it is spiced ham.... say it fast it becomes spam

    Source(s): heard it in a story on NPR this very morning about the anniversary of SPAM... yum....
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    spiced ham

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