Are fractional jet operators required to file a flight plan?

I believe they operate under Part 135, but any guidance regarding their requirements for filing is appreciated. Thanks

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    Silverstang, you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

    It is only necessary to file if you want to fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) or cross the Border, or into the DC ADIZ.

    I fly (part 91 )regularly, out of a CLASS C airport and do not file ANY type of flight plan. Of course I am flying VFR (Visual Flight Rules),

    where by regulation, a flight plan is not required, but only recommended in the event SAR is necessary.

    To theOP:

    They dont necessarily operate under 135, if ;you are not using the plane for COMMUTER AND ON DEMAND OPERATIONS , then part 91 is the governing section.(doubt you would be in the part 121 category)

    Fractional essentially means is you are leasing the plane

    You can fly VFR with passengers in part 135 as well

    no flight plan necessary

    You can fly a Fractional Jet under part 91 rules.

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    Agree with above. In Canada all VFR flights over 25 NM from the point of departure require a flight plan or flight itinerary. For IFR flights and Trans-border flights you MUST file a flight plan as well as contact customs well before arriving(Trans-border).

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    Any aircraft flying under IFR(instrument flight rules) must file a flight plan, aircraft flying over 18,000 feet must file an IFR flight plan.

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    Yes you do but only a fractional flight plan is required.LOL...For part 135 you better have a flight plan or you re be looking for a new insurance policy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Any flight in any aircraft, requires a flight plan. Is an FAA regulation.

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