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When writing the word "God", do you prefer to use "God" or "G-d"?

I have seen it written both ways with many Jewish people preferring "G-d" and many Christians preferring "God".

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    I mostly say God but I like the star better when using G*d in that way. Kinda cuter then the " _ " or " - "

    Plus I have a friend and she always uses the " * " so I picked that up from her....


    According who I am writing rather I say God or G*d

    I mostly say Jesus

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    Christians can say God all they want, like me, but to Jewish people the word is a bit more holy, they choose not to use it unless its something very holy. Its even worse when they speak Hebrew, I'm sure someone whos Jewish can better explain.

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    I write God

  • MJ
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    God! The one and only God!

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    I prefer saying "God". When a person is saying "G_D", my first reaction is that they need to brush on their vocabulary and hopefully they would realize that there are better phrases to say other than to take the Lord's name in vain.

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    I use God

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    God, and to hekk with anyone who says I should step on some PC eggshells when discussing him in coversation!

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    GOD-i think the other one is a bit offensive

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    Either or is fine. I would rather say God though :) It sounds more proper.

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