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Recipes to use up leftover grilled hamburgers?

Now that the 4th of July has passed, we have about 20 leftover hamburgers from our cookout that have already been grilled. Does anyone have a way to use up these leftovers aside from eating more cheeseburgers? I tried googling, but didn't turn up much. Thanks in advance!

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    1) You could individually wrap some hamburgers in plastic wrap and then place in a freezer baggie and put into freezer. They will keep for up to 4 months. That way when you feel like a grilled burger, without the work, you just thaw in the fridge and reheat in the micro until steaming.

    2) Try breaking up the hamburger and adding to a jar of spaghetti sauce and mixing in some cooked pasta, toss together well and pour into serving bowls, top with some shredded mozzarella.

    3)Salisbury Steak

    4 leftover beef patties

    3 tbsp. flour

    2 T butter

    1 cup beef broth

    1 onion, sliced

    1 package of fresh mushroom, cleaned and sliced

    1 T Worcestershire sauce

    Coat each side of patties well with flour. Cook patties in butter in a large skillet until brown on both slides. Drain fat. Add beef broth, onion, mushrooms and Worcestershire sauce to pan. Stir to blend, coating meat. Cover and simmer gently, about 25 minutes or until fork-tender. Serve with garlic mashed potatoes.

    5) Paula Dean put a slice of cheese on top then wrapped them individaully in puff pastry dough and baked until brown. I brushed the pastry with an egg wash for a prettier presentation.

    6) Crumble it up, add some taco seasoning and a little water/salsa to make a sauce and fill tortillas for burritos or tacos.

    7) Look at the following recipes, many call for diced leftover meat, I would just cube up the hamburger and use that:

    Meat Pie

    Shepherd's Pie Recipe

    Shepherd's Pie II,1726,151162-251200...

    Hamburger special pasta salad recipe

    Cheeseburger Soup I

    Anyway, good luck, hope I helped some!

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    Leftover Hamburger Recipes

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    Buy some large corn tortillas and prepare tacos for everyone. I think you might need some help eating all of those hamburgers, so invite some friends over.

    Slice the burgers and heat in a pan with some olive oil.

    Serve with chopped onion, chopped cilantro, chopped tomatoes. You can liven it up with some fresh chopped pineapple (yes, Pineapple!) and some hot chile pepper sauce. Enjoy!

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    Just chop them up into bite sized pieces and add to a chunky spaghetti sauce or make a veggie beef stock and have beef and noodle soup. Slice into strips and mix in with spicy onions and peppers for a quick beef fajita.

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    use it as it is chop meat just cooked

    make chili



    sloppy joes

    with spagetti sauce

    Or take a premade pizza crust and open it and put some chopmeat in it and then spagetti sauce and mozz. cheese and close up and bake in oven till bread it cooked accoring to directions on packages

    stuffed cabbage

    stuffed peppers

    taco soup

    You can do tons with it hope this helps

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    I throw everything in a frying pan. If it's left over meat, then I goes in the frying pan with rice and veggies.

    You could also add cream of _______ soup to the mix and cook it up that way too. Either way it's a leftover killer.

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    ohhhhh man....

    take 1 quart of burgundy and 1 quart of water, add 3 packets of lipton's french onion soup mix... cut 8 carrots into medallions and cut 12 celery stalks into 1 inch chunks, large dice 4 onions and throw in the deep baking dish with your broth...add a handful of fresh rosemary/oregano/thyme and a handful of crushed garlic. quarter up the burgers and throw them in...bake the dish, covered 6-8 hours at 300 degrees

    make a nice brown roux with clarified butter and flour...cook it slowly stirring often!!! do not burn it or you will ruin your sauce!

    when you pull the burgers from the oven, strain the broth into a sauce pan and bring to a boil...slowly whisk in the roux bit by bit till you have a nappe consistency...if you over tighten, thin it with water.

    now stir everything together, serve on rice or noodles and prepare for people to worship you!!!

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