Question about External Harddrives?

ok my desktop has a 80 gig harddrive.. and i ran out of space .. i have alot of movies downloaded ( yea i know ).. my question is if i buy an external harddrive could i just put the movie files on the external harrdrive and watch it on there? so it doesnt take up my computer space.?

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    Yes you can, but keep in mind transfer speed. If you have a slow USB connection it may cause problems when viewing the movies from the drive. Look into transfer rates and you may want to choose a fire wire connection if possible.

    Is a secondary internal drive an option? Most systems have the room for 1 more drive in there. You could drop in a nice internal 320GB drive for under a hundred bucks.

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    1 decade ago

    As long as the external drive is active (enabled) it will behave like any other drive. So movies will run no problem. You may have to right click the movies file and select open with, then select your choice of player. If used as a storage drive, it is enabled while you copy files to it, then disabled to protect from virus/malware etc to protect them.


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    Yes you can wathat from the UDB drive. It takes NO computer space. You need to MOVE (cut/paste) the files from your C drive to the drive of the USB device. If it is USB 2.0 it is very fast and you will not notice any problems.

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    maximum present day day exterior confusing drives are plug-and-play. you won't be able to plug it in you ipod and sync it. besides the undeniable fact that, in case you have songs on the exterior, and attempt to place them onto the ipod by way of a working laptop or computing gadget, this is going to paintings. you're able to make your confusing force paintings on a ps3 in case you format it to FAT32 in terms of confusing drives, i could propose western digital or maxtor. stable success!

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  • adi
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    1 decade ago

    Sure you can. It won't take up any space on your computer hard drive.

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