I will be MOH for a wedding taking place in CA while I live in IL. Suggestions for planing?

My friend lives in CA, and is getting married next year. I live in IL and have to help plan the wedding and plan the bachelorette party, and anything else that a Maid of Honor needs to do. Any suggestions as to how to go along with this from 3000 miles away? Besides flying out there all the time?


Also, as the first answer said, I'm not sure of what I'm supposed to do, but seeing as how it's my best friend, I'd like to do a lot of things for her.

Also, I am the only bridesmaid/MOH in the wedding, as the bride's mother is not attending nor will she let the bride's sisters attend.

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    You should definitely clarify your "MOH duties" with your friend. Don't take on more than you have to, especially as you live so far away.

    The bridal magazines (Modern Bride, Bride Today, etc.) have great checklists for what the bride/groom/MOH etc should be doing and in a certain time frame as well.

    You two should be able to keep track of everything the other is doing via email and phone. You two can take digital pics of items and email them to each other, or send the websites of the companies that you plan on using (florist, caterer, etc.)to each other via email. If necessary, get an extra email account that you two will be using ONLY for wedding planning issues and activities (this is also good for emailing and contacting the vendors for the weddings-gmail is a great account to use). There are some things that the bride should be able to do alone without you having to break the bank flying out to Cali every other month. (For example, let her handle looking at the reception sites, the churches, etc.) But be there when it's time to get the dresses. Make sure her groom helps out as it's very unfortunate that the bride's mother and sisters won't be attending, so the bride needs all the help she can get! Good luck and have fun!

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    Actually I am wondering if you "have" to do these things, or if you are just assuming. Has she told you she is expecting these things of you?

    When I chose my MOH, it was purely for reasons of the heart, and she lived very far away from where the wedding was. I only wanted her to be there for us, and to support us by doing us the honour of being our attendant for the wedding! So, for us, the distance made no difference - I didn't ask her, nor any other attendants, to do any "work" for the wedding. My family did the helping, and one of the bridesmaids helped with the shower.

    So maybe you have to check with her, and see what is really required of you....

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    Where in California. I can help if you are coming to San Diego, I know all sorts of little hidden wedding secrets....

    LA and up I'm at a loss

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