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do you know what the firework laws for maryland are???

i no nothin big. the only reason i say this is cause i am under 18 and my mom wont let me get anything that is illegal till i am 18. do u think this would be illegal for maryland


they look like fun. any help is appreciated. as soon as i am 18 i am going to buy thousands of dollars of fireworks. its going to be an awesome 18th birthday. on 2 year and 2 months. hahaha


sorry if this is under the wrong section

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    Specifically Permitted Sparklers containing no chlorates or perchlorates, ground based sparkling devices that are non-aerial non-explosive, and are labeled in accordance with the requirements of CPSC. Paper wrapped snappers containing less than 3/100 grains of explosive composition, and snakes that contain no mercury and are not regulated by DOT. Note: retailers must submit products for testing and approval to State Fire Marshal’s Office prior to sale.

    Specifically Prohibited All others


    Only those wholesale/distributor companies that register their products with the State Fire Marshal to be wholesaled/distributed in the state will be allowed to wholesale/distribute their products to retail outlets in Maryland. All retail outlets must conform to the fire prevention codes for the state regarding ground based sparkling devices (Title 29, Department of State Police, Subtitle 06, Fire Prevention Commission.) Consumer fireworks are illegal to retail or use in Town of Ocean City (Worcester County), Baltimore City, and the following counties: Harford, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s. Companies/individuals should contact local government for all other counties prior to wholesaling/distributing, retailing, or using consumer fireworks. The local government may require additional permits or fees.

    Age to Purchase 16 Years


    Display Permit Apply to State Fire Marshal at least 10 days before display date. $50 fee per display. A late fee of $50 per display for applications submitted at least 10 days from the date of the display(s). Display permits are needed for outdoor displays, as well as proximate audience displays.

    Insurance Required. Minimum $25,000 for injury of one person, $50,000 for more than one person; $10,000 property damage. Workman’s comp or approved accident insurance required. The policy or certificate shall provide that the coverage may not be canceled without at least 30 days notice to the State Fire Marshal. The State of Maryland shall be named as an insured in the contract of insurance.

    Operator State license required. $150 fee for a 3 year permit. Apply to State Fire Marshal, minimum age 21 years.


    All displays must be in accordance with NFPA 1123, which is incorporated by reference.


    Permit required to store display fireworks for licensed displays. Storage areas must be approved by State Fire Marshal. Must be in accordance with NFPA Standard 1124, which is incorporated by reference. Manufacturing license required: $750 annual fee.


    Maryland Department of State Police

    Office of the State Fire Marshal

    Bomb Squad

    P.O. Box 28903

    BWI Airport, MD 21240




    Art 38A, Sec. 15-25, Annotated Md.

    Fire Prevention Code NFPA 1123,

    NFPA 1126

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    Here is a link i find,maybe it will help you.

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