Ducati vs MV Agusta: expensive italians.. are they worth it?

ok now i am amazed to see that Italian companies make such expensive and exlcusive bikes...

ducati has the desmocedici RR and V4 monster like a motogp bike with 200 bhp,

the Agusta has the F4CC wich claims it has 195 mph top speed with 200bhp

my 2 questions:

which one is better on the road and track?

why aren't the japanese manufacturers doing bikes like these????

thx guys

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    If youre interested more in what people think then yes. A japanese bike will probably perform better stock, and with all that money you saved you could make it much much better than the Italian bikes. As far as the bikes you listed, you cant get the desmo if you dont already have it ordered. Plus it has yet to be released. The MV is just a hoped up stocker with a larger price tag kinda like a S or R model Duc.

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    Too many people look at this as a "by the numbers" decision. If price-performance is your number, look elsewhere (although Ducati's 1098 is a serious contender here).

    Japanese bikes are, hands down, better performers, more reliable, embody more of the latest technology, better aftermarket parts availability, are cheaper to run, maintain and own. etc, etc.

    However, many of them are about as exciting as a microwave. They lack soul, emotion, passion, character. And of course, everybody owns one and you can't tell one from another.

    Also, many of the Japanese superbikes are better machines than their riders...leading Suzuki to add gizmos which tame their superbikes down a bit to give "average" riders a chance at riding well on them (a good thing, imo).

    On the other hand, Italian bikes are beautiful, stirring, fussy, high maintenance, passionate, memorable (like several women I know). The tingle you get every time you ride is worth every penny.


    ps. The Ferrari Enzo, Italy's penultimate supercar, is hugely expensive with absolutely outstanding performance. Very exclusive. Only 700 were made, and YOU didn't get to buy one just because you had the money. Ferrari CHOSE who got them....just proving that Italian machines are not about the numbers...they're about the lifestyle and the experience.

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    I have ridden the F4 1000 and I must say I was impressed. The MV will do 186mph because it has a governor on it. It is a beautiful bike with the four pipes under the rear pannier. It has a note that gives you chills. It going to set you back about $25,000. The Ducati is a great bike too with its tubular frame.

    Ask yourself this, "Who will work on my Italian bike?" I guess if you can afford it you can keep it up.

    The Japanese bikes on the other hand are not as expensive and are very reliable and parts and extras are readily available.

  • arroya
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    Mv Agusta F4cc

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    Instead of trying to compare apples and oranges, think of Corvettes and Ferraris'.

    This will help you relate the difference in these high-end bikes.

    Your Italian bikes are on the same plateau as your Ferrari, or your Lamborghini. Youre just in the motorcycle world.

    Now you have your Suzukis', and Kawasakis' - These bikes can be compared to maybe a corvette, or a NSX. For most people these are fantastic cars, but for your average person stepping up to a Maserati, or a Ferrari takes you into a whole new level. The performance numbers are similar, but they are just two different worlds.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the MV agusta f4cc is just overpriced . they think that they are putting out a limited edition that they can charged $135,000 US for a friggin bike. Suzuki , Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda are great bikes. So, no, they are not worth it. BUt if i had the money i would buy an Aprilia RSV Factory 1000R, $24,000

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    i think the biggest thing is pride. The japanese are more concerned about output and profit where the italians are more concerned about quality. The Ducati is an awesome bike that blows the rest off the road.

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    Ok, comparing a Honda vs a Ducati is easy. They are both incredible performance machines, but the Ducati has more character and will turn more heads.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it's worth it to YOU, then it's worth it.

    I would get huge wood just riding a Duc 1098, let alone owning one, but I love Italian racing machines. I love Ferrari, Pagani, Ducati, Aprilia, Campagnolo, Masi, Pinarello, Colnago, etc.

    I have already been trying to justify my next bike being Italian to my wife...

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    The duc has an exhaust note that is pure music...

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