who has built the smallest airplane?

smallest airplane

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    You must be asking about the person who built the world's smallest piloted airplane - Mr. Robert H. Starr. He built 2 airplanes in order to acquire the title of The World's Smallest Piloted Airplane: The Bumble Bee and Bumble Bee II

    Mr. Robert H. Starr, of Phoenix, Arizona, has been involved with the both world's previous title holding smallest airplanes. He was the only pilot of JR in 1949. He was the co-builder and pilot for Sky Baby in 1954. He gained considerable experience and knowledge on these first projects and knew that a smaller, superior plane could be built. Mr. Starr had difficulty getting credit for his contributions on the first projects. Consequently, he decided to build a smaller machine and establish a new world record on his own. The Bumble Bee and Bumble Bee II were the result.

    Mr. Starr has logged over 15,000 air hours in everything from Piper Cubs to the F-86 Sabre Jet. He was a fighter pilot in World War II and flew P-40's & 51's with the 14th Air Force Flying Tigers in China. He has participated in most of the largest Air Shows in the United States. He has also been test pilot for many experimental aircraft.

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    The Starr Bumble Bee is the smallest aircraft in the world.

    It is less than 6 feet long.

    There is also a slightly larger Bumble Bee Model which is the smallest Biplane in the world.

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    Eagle Eye, I have to say this. Asker, forgive my intrusion without adding to the answer.

    Thanks, Eagle Eye, for the link. I was unaware until now that a piloted aircraft with a wingspan of 5' 7" and length of less than 9' was a physical possibility.

    It's hardly surprising the thing flew fast. Can you imagine the stall speed? That critter had to land HOT.


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    I assume you don't mean a toy or model right?

    Budweiser built the "Rocket Can" which I believe is still the smallest one person rocket jet that was ever built.

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    The Bumblebee II

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