About Costa Mesa, California?

I'm thinking about moving from Long Island, New York to Costa Mesa, California. Any advice please? Thank you!

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    I think you have gotten some good answers from other people.

    Either New York or California is fine if you can afford those areas.

    It depends on what you are looking for in life.

    If you are serious from moving from Long Island, you will ask yourself why and what improvements to your life and your family's life you are seeking.

    You will have to ask yourself if you are willing to put up with colder or hotter weather than either in New York or California if you really want to move and can put up with alternatives to the weather in New York or California. New York and California like anywhere else have their pluses and minuses.

    Both New York and California are great places to visit.

    If you really want to move, why? You may want to look at other options which will fulfil yourself, your career, and your family life.

    If you really are serious about leaving Long Island and have no specific reason to move to California, then you may want to look at other areas which will achieve your wants and desires for both yourself and your family.

    In the right areas Florida and Texas are cheaper to live raising a family, but with a family, there is no cheap place to leave.

    At least the cost of living in Florida and Texas is cheaper and both states do not have state income taxes.

    Florida (possibly not the crime ridden part of Miami unless a really big metro area is what appeals to you particularly if you have kids, but, then, you cannot get away from bad influences wherever you move) or Texas (possibly not Dallas or Houston because of traffic unless a really big metro area is what appeals to you). Depending upon location in Florida or Texas, cost of living can be a lot better and traffic a lot better than tremendously large metro areas which turn into parking lots during rush hour, particularly the LA area, or should I say rush hours as in some very large metro places it takes several hours to get anywhere.

    Career is another thing to think about too.

    What are your goals? Can you achieve your career goals somewhere else?

    The greater LA metro area can become a big parking lot during rush hours as most very large metro areas.

    I don't know how serious you are about moving, but I would think about looking at a metro area whose population is somewhere in the 20th to 40th largest in the U.S.; although, you will lose some cultural aspects if the arts are important to you to have access to in the immediate area. Even some of the smaller metro areas, say, like Austin, Texas have terrible rush hour traffic depending upon where you work and live, so just because a city has a smaller metro population does not mean the traffic is better as it depends upon the city.

    In my business travel to California, while everyone seemed to be laid back, Californians did seem somewhat superficial and judgmental. The only thing that seemed to count in California were if you wore the lastest fashions and drove the latest and most fashionable car. I thought that was kind of... well... I will let you make up your mind on that one, and, he was a native of New York who lived in California who told me that one about the importance of having the best clothes and the latest car as that is how people will judge you. Or, at least that is what a native New Yorker told me.

    Either way, you would probably be moving from a high cost of living area to another high cost of living area with both having high personal income tax rates going from NY to California.

    Unfortunately in today's world with children, there will always be problems no matter where you go.

    Ultimately it is your decision. Plus, some input from the kids would be helpful as they would feel involved. Most kids would not want to leave old friends, but they might find new and better friends somewhere else.

    I think a person can live anywhere and be happy and successful and raise a family properly with the right attitude.

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    Costa Mesa is a very beautiful city. It is close to everything, it has a great mall if you love to shop. It's 15 minutes from the beach, an hour from LA, hour and a half from the mountains. the weather of course is beautiful. right now it is hot. you rarely need winter clothes. Rent and housing is somwhat expensive..rent for 1-2 bedroom apts go for about $1000-$1800. Houses can go from a 1bed 1bathroom for 319,000 to 745,000 for a 3ed 2 bathroom house. anyomore q's just ask

    If you do come and have to drive be aware that the traffic can get really bad especially on freeways after 5pm. it has a variety of culture. Costa Mesa is a great city overall you would enjoy living there

    Source(s): i live in Santa Ana the city next to Costa Mesa, i'm in costa mesa alot
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    I wouldn't limit yourself to just Costa Mesa, there are plenty of nice places in the OC. As stated by a number of people it can be a bit pricey but heck its worth it.

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    Move to Orange County!!! Screw Long Island!!! ha ha just kidding. I live in Monmouth Co. NJ, and whenever we go to CA, we either stay in Santa Monica or in Laguna Nigel. I just live O.C. The beaches are so much nicer than NJ, and I don't know why people say eveyone is "superficial". We have that crap here in NJ. It is everywhere!

    Go for it and move!!!

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    If you are rich, you'll love it. If not, you'll never be able to afford a house, or send your kids to good schools, or any of that stuff.

    No one is moving to LA anymore, we're all moving out.

    If you're coming just to experience the Cali thing, fine.

    If it's long term, and you have a family, go somewhere else.

    Portland, Colorado Springs, Huntsville, Al., I've heard St. Luis is a great city.

    Why struggle here in LA, it's not worth it.

    LA is only good for movie stars and illegal aliens.

    Source(s): LA native, trying to talk hubby into moving.....anywhere. check out Citydata.com
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    The weather is better, the poeple are cool but a bit superficial, and and it is a little pricey to live there. That said, you will love it! And you proababaly won't miss the NY winters.......

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    wow LI for sunny Cali

    Big Big move

    Lots of LUCK & stay safe !!!

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    i wouldnt i would stay in new york just my opion?

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