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What are signs and syntoms that tell you some one might be a serial killer in the future?

I read that when a child pees while asleap after a certain age thats a sighn he might be a serial killer,also killing dogs and cats.Are there any other signs.Some are not abused as children and still become serial killers.What behavioral signs that an adult or your neigbor next door might be a serial killer.You realy never know because they dont act or dress like gangs or thugs.What are warning sighns if I or a loved one might become a serial killer and how to get treatment before its to late.I dont mean i wana be one i mean what signs in my behavior could show that i might be one.Im talking about myself and others ingeneral.


Elizebeth P im just curious.

Update 2:

Elizebeth P im just curious.

Update 3:

People im a good person but i have hypochondria that i inhereted from my gran mother.I asked for scientific explanations.

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    The truth is that, we still cannot "clearly" detect a future serial killer from other kids. Neuroscience is doing great progress and there are talks about being able in the future to detect criminal anomalies in the brain. "The criminal brain" apparently does differ but exactly how, we are not certain yet. "There are no particular or certain signs in a child that may become a serial killer. However, there are certain events and genetics that could influence him/her in becoming extremely violent. And those are the things scientists will pay attention in order to develop an approach to the issue. Their goals include the development of appropriate treatments as well as preventive programs. Genetics do play a part in violence. it is one factor to consider. Violent acts against animals are another. Also, trauma (as in sexual abuse) may alter the brain in such a way that a child may become prone to violence. As you point out, though, these factors are not always present in serial killers and, likewise, individuals with some or all of these elements are not necessarily serial killers. Neuroscience is on its way to establish the structure and mechanism of the criminal brain. They too hesitate to work in the absolute and propose in the future preventive measures that will evaluate all children who are prone to these violent acts.

    Since I am not certain if I got my point across, neuroscience is developing ways to detect a brain prone to extreme violence. Such as they can detect brains prone to depression, individuals born with prone to criminality, addiction or the like, will finally be able to receive proper care as they grow up in order to avoid putting society as well as themselves in danger. This is what science is working on . Of course, with this study comes ethical issues including the "stigma" that society will impose on children diagnosed. On the other hand, medicine will be able to switch from a "treatment" approach (which as we know is less than successful most of the times i.e. prisons, psychiatric institutions, have failed for the majority of individuals) to a "preventive" approach that will be less costly and without a doubt more efficient. As far as the bed wetting symptoms, animal cruelty, ... these are too artificial signs to be taken completely seriously. out of all of them, isay animal cruelty may be one of the most alarming ones. But I like many others would rely more on what neuroscience has to offer rather than these psychological "diagnosis" tests and theories (mainstream and most of the time ignorant)

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    Actually, at his age this is not "an attention thing," this is a serious problem which he needs help with. Some of history's most notorious killers began by harming animals. You need to have a very serious chat to your parents, and if they are not willing to take you seriously I recommend (I don't know your age so I'll suggest all options) you see either a school counsellor, a psychologist or your GP. You could try calling a phone help line to get ideas of where you can go for help. There is definitely cause for concern because if these issues are not addressed early it can turn into a very serious problem. If he is saying someone is telling him to do these things in his sleep he may be at the beginnings of a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia, however in under 18's the diagnosis cannot be made, and it is simply labelled as a schizophrenaform disorder, which is monitored until the person is 17 or 18. If the symptoms remain the same, schizophrenia may be the diagnosis. In the mean time medication may be recommended to relieve any symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations. Please make sure you voice your concerns to someone and seek help. This can escalate quickly if left untreated. Good luck!

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    Research shows that trying to predict behavior (such as in serial killers, shooters on school campuses, and other episodes of deviance) is nearly impossible; like finding a needle in a haystack. There are, however, certain characteristics that some (not all) killers have in common.

    1.) They feel isolated/disconnected from those around them

    2.) They lack the ability to empathize with others (which explains how they could harm animals)

    3.) They feel like they have nothing left to lose, or need to "go out with a bang"

    Typically, those who wet the bed into their teens and beyond were more than likely raped or sexually assaulted as young children. More than likely, they just don't have the cognitive capabilities to address the psychological aspects of the abuse.

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    That's real difficult. Especially in this dynamic world were stress is a norm, formalities are rules, and anything can tip even the most calmest person over the edge.

    I'd say, general research into the matter will clear some confusion.

    Some 'answers' seem rather ignorant instead of open to this kind of issue.

    The human mind is not entirely explored yet.

    Anything can happen as the possibilities are infinate.

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    I don't like to admit it but I have bladder problems and I peed the bed untilI was 6. I'm not a serial killer thats wrong. So I don't think that really means anything.

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    Truth is, you can never really know if someone is a serial killer, because serial killers can be from any background. they don't necessarily have to be one who was abused as a child.most times they are charmers, and show no emotion.If you yourself feel you will be one I would ask myself questions like do I like bondage and domination or do I like to read books or magazines about tortures or killings and do I fantasize compulsively about killing someone. if so, tell the authorities to lock you away forever

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    Uhm being weird in general I would guess

    as a kid I wet the bed until about 5 yrs old but Im def. not serial killer & I love all animals, actually Im a artist. Never heard the bed wetting theory before. But I know that alot of them were very violent to animals, exhibited strange behaviors also.You can look up Jeffrey Dahmer & Ted Bundy ect. that may help.

    Also the library may have some good documentaries & too on serial killers that may be worth looking into it. I've recently also heard low vitamin & vitamin deficiencies could cause this so maybe speak to a herbalist, or natural med. practioner, could be chemical imbalances.

    Best of luck

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    Definitely violent behavior towards pets.

    The bed wetting after a certain age you're talking about probably pertains to the "homicidal triad" theory...that states that some people believe bed wetting past a certain age, violence towards animals, and setting fires are big red flags for future killers.

    Truth is, you just never really know. But there are definitely huge signs for problems that could be watched for, and to me the animal abuse is a big one.

  • along with the animals i think having no real emotions of empathy, kind of just an emotionally distant person, detached etc,,,,the bad thing about even now with all of the treatment for mental health patients is you can't do anything until it's to late, i dont think there are preventive treatments, which is terrible because it would be nice to prevent this kind of thing before hand! are you feeling ok? or are you just curious?

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    I saw some documentary and most people that were serial killers killed small animals as kids.

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