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How did the alien get out thumbing his nose all the way at the U.S. legal system and our homeland security ?

An illegal alien who caused a crash that seriously injured a Pennsylvania judge has fled the U.S. to his native Guatemala to avoid prosecution. Surprise. Surprise.

How did the alien get out? He boarded a commercial flight in Newark, N.J., and landed safely in his home country, thumbing his nose all the way at the U.S. legal system and our homeland security bureaucracy. Incredible!

A judge issued a warrant for Rigobert Garcia-Ortega's arrest for failure to appear after Garcia-Ortega was a no-show at a pretrial hearing in Montgomery County Court Thursday.

This incident explains why so many Americans oppose the amnesty bill that President Bush and Congress have been trying to ram down our throats. The bill would have given more rights to illegal alients, who currently enjoy protection under U.S. law even though they broke the law by entering this country illegally.

Garcia-Ortega's case is typical.

His lawyer managed to get the illegal alien out on bail after the crash and even got an out-of-county judge to hear the case because the crash victim was a member of the Montgomery County Court.

A new judge was specially appointed to handle the case when Montgomery County judges were recused from handling the matter to avoid the appearance of impropriety, according to reporter Carl Hessler, who filed a story about the fugitive for The Mercury in Pottstown.

Imagine that. We wouldn't want the illegal alien to have to appear before a local judge. Montgomery County must pay for the expense to bring a judge from out of the region so the illegal alien can get a fair hearing.

Too bad the illegal fled the country before his fair hearing could be held.


An illegal alien who broke the law the day he entered this country violates traffic laws and injures a U.S. citizens (a judge no less). The illegal alien then manipulates the U.S. justice system to get out on bail and manages to flee the U.S. on a commercial flight.

Maybe we can have a legal scholar such as Sen. Ted Kennedy explain this to us

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    Here's a link to the original story........


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    It's a major peoblem with all immigrants. I use to work with this guy who's from a Philipines. He had serious problems with the Credit card, and a collection agency would call his work daily. He also just bought a house for over $200,000 near Subic bay, Philipines, which is very expensive at that time and for the location. I asked him if he was going to rack up a huge debt, and transfer his funds back "Home" and then retire comfortably in the Philipines. He just smiled.

    HiS exwife is a decent person though.

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    Why is it that these people are only GOING THE HELL BACK HOME after they've done their damage and committed a crime here? Seems a bit hypocritical to me - I mean, they ***** and complain when we ask them to leave but then off and desert us once they've done a "no-no".

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    As if this is the only foreign national who fled the country to avoid prosecution.....

    Many do......and they don't all have brown skin, you bigot.

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