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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicOther - Entertainment · 1 decade ago

Where can I find the Lemon Popsicle tracklisting?

If not the whole tracklisting,what is the name of the instrumental. Is it called Riverboat?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This was found here :

    Title:Green Fields

    Artist:The Brothers Four

    Featured Scene:

    Title Theme

    Title:Long Tall Sally *Only featured on UK soundtrack

    Artist:Little Richard

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Outside of Diner, at beginning of movie.

    (2) Benji finds out Bobby has took Nikki to the river to make out.

    Title:Hey Baby

    Artist: Bruce Chanel

    Featured Scene:

    Benji seeing Nikki for the first time at the diner.

    Title:Rock Around The Clock

    Artist:Bill Haley and His Comets

    Featured Scene:

    Huey trying to chat up Lila & Rita

    Title:To Know Him is To Love Him *Only featured on UK soundtrack

    Artist: Jo Moss

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Benji & Bobby sneaking Lila and Rita into the cinema.

    (2) Bobby asking Benji for his Grandmothers house keys.

    Title:Witch Doctor

    Artist:John Morris

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Victor peeking at the girls undressing.

    (2) Biggest tool contest.

    (3) Huey getting chased by Stella's boyfriend Johnny.


    Artist:The Chordettes

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Benji quizzes Huey about Nikki.

    (2) Benji returns home from his grandmothers house where he has been staying with Nikki.

    Title:Chantilly Lace

    Artist:Jerry Lee Lewis

    Featured Scene:

    Benji takes Nikki to school on his bike


    Artist:Paul Anka

    Featured Scene:

    Benji trying to get ready to go to a party, but getting nagged by his mother!

    Title:Tutti Frutti

    Artist:Little Richard

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Dancing at Huey's Party

    (2) Nikki's Birthday party

    Title:Put Your Head On My Shoulder

    Artist:Paul Anka

    Featured Scene:

    Bobby slow dancing with Nikki at Huey's party.

    Title:Puppy Love *Only featured on UK soundtrack

    Artist:Paul Anka

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Benji drunk at Huey's party

    (2) Bobby making love to Nikki

    Title:You Are my Destiny *Only featured on UK soundtrack

    Artist:Paul Anka

    Featured Scene:

    Huey walking a drunk Benji home


    Artist:Domenico Modugno

    Featured Scene:

    Benji meets Stella whilst delivering ice

    Title:Ciao Ciao Bambina *Only featured on UK soundtrack

    Artist:Domenico Modugno

    Featured Scene:

    Stella dances for the boy's

    Title:Come Prima

    Artist:Marino Marini

    Featured Scene:

    Benji & Huey peeking through the keyhole at Stella & Bobby

    Title:Shake, Rattle & Roll *Only featured on UK soundtrack

    Artist:Bill Haley and His Comets

    Featured Scene:

    Bobby steals a car to go for a drive with Benji, Nikki & Martha

    Title:Seven Little Girls

    Artist:Paul Evans and the Curls

    Featured Scene:

    Benji & Bobby making out with Nikki & Martha

    Title:At The Hop

    Artist:Danny & The Juniors

    Featured Scene:

    The car goes over the hill into the sea!

    Title:Que Sera Sera

    Artist:Rosemary Squires

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1)Bobby examines Huey for crabs.

    (2) In the pool trying to drown their crabs!

    Title:Sealed With A Kiss

    Artist:Bryan Hyland

    Featured Scene:

    Benji takes Nikki to his grandmothers house


    Artist:The Shadows

    Featured Scene:

    Benji sells his things to pay for Nikki's abortion

    Title:Hey Paula

    Artist:Paul And Paula

    Featured Scene:

    Benji visits Nikki in hospital after her abortion

    Title:My Little One

    Artist:Frankie Lane

    Featured Scene:

    Benji & Nikki kiss for the first time

    Title:Mr Lonely

    Artist:Bobby Vinton

    Featured Scene(s):

    (1) Bobby brags about sleeping with NIkki,

    (2) Benji walks in to see Nikki back in Bobby's arms

    (3) End Theme

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