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Can Mormons eat chocolate?

Chocolate can be just as addicting as anything else.

It does contain a substance similar to caffeine.

Sugar is also addictive.


If caffeine isn't banned, what's wrong with mormons drinking cola, mt dew, etc.

I know they don't have caffeinated sodas in the Missionary Training Center, so this must be a somewhat official stance.

Update 2:

Cocaine isn't specifically forbidden in the word of wisdom. So, using mormon logic, it's perfectly fine to do cocaine.

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    CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! (drooling now!!) I love chocolate!! Am I addicted to it? No, I can't be, but then again.. maybe?? How could something that tastes sooo good be bad for me??

    Oh.. it isn't the caffeine that's the problem, it's the acids in coffee and tea. I still drink a caffeinated pop now and then. Nothing wrong with it as long as it's in moderation.. it's the same with chocolate. A little is good, but just don't go overboard and eat nothing but chocolate.

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    YUP! I had some today!

    There is nothing in the Word of Wisdom forbidding chocolate. Caffeine is not mentioned in the Word of Wisdom either.

    Coffee and tea are specifically mentioned.

    Sugar isn't forbidden in the WofW either.

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    there is nothing specifically banning the use of caffeine or chocolate,

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    Every then in moderation don't eat any thing in large amounts candy or chocolate is not a problem abuse of any thing is

    Source(s): I'm LDS
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    What kind of G-d would make chocolate forbidden, that is the work of satan!

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    why don't you ask these Q's on LDS.Org?

    it would save you points and you would get just the facts.

    to answer you question yes we can- once again it is a personnal choice.

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    If not...I'm going to hell...

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