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Are you from Venezuela??? Do you know about the problems?

Tu eres de Venezuela? Saves de la Problemas?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am not from Venezuela but actually anyone from latin America con answer this question. Since Hugo Chavez is in power, Venezuela has become more and more isolated from the rest of America, except Bolivia and Ecuador (and Cuba of course). He threathens anyone who doesnt accept his points of view. he has closed down tv stations, and in the last elections he cheated (definetly) People from Venezuela have tried to overcome him but he controls the militars. He plans to take over some factories from their legal owners, he plans to seize land from their legal owners and plans to make Venezuela into another Cuba, manily because he is a communist and wants power. The people from Venezuela are very brave because they are not moving from their country as they want to defend democracy at all costs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can type for hours about Venezuela's problems...It has had problems since I can remember...I particularly dislike the current president...But the ones before him, were also bad...It is still a very rich country that has about 80% of its population below the poverty level. Wich it is absurd considering that its gross income is very high...In my opinion, the problems are so large and complex that have changed the Venezuelan people mentality. There is a lot of corruption there and that is one of the worst problems that any country can have. It will take many years to get that country back on track...

    You can read some more about the facts of the Venezuelan situation, history, etc. at:

    Source(s): I was born in Denton, Texas but I spent 20 years of my live there. I love that country very much with all its problems...I miss it.
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  • Alej
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    1 decade ago

    I live there. I know about some problems. What problems are you talking about?

    We have many problems: political (constituyente), economical (Control de cambio, inflación, control de precios, IVA, Bólivar Fuerte), international (MarcoSur, deals with Iran, russian submarines), educational (matricula escolar), ideological (socialismo, patria o muerte), human rights (presos políticos), freedom of speech (RCTV, movimento estudiantil), just to say a few.

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