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Do you have any waxing tips?

My friend and I tried it and it wasn't really working. Everytime we pulled it away only about 4 pubes would stick and it would hurt like crazy. I'm going in for round two hoping to do it more correctly without my friend and I could use some tips to help it go better.

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    when i had a brazilian wax, the lady advised me to take pain relievers if your pain tolerance is low. then everything went well. and dont wet or wash the part you waxed for three hours after waxing

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    I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend waxing your own pubic area. Go to a professional and by the way, don't be embarassed - thay're very used to seeing everything and they'll put you at ease. A professional will give you advice on skin care and if you ask when you book it, they'll give you tips on preparation.

    Yes, it costs more than the home method but it's WAY more effective and although still painful, it's less so than doing it yourself.

    All the best.

    Source(s): Regular waxings all over for about 18 months
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    Play it Safe

    It is a common practice for bodybuilders and swimmers to remove hair for competitions. Some men are uncomfortable with the hair on their chests or backs. Others just like the smooth, sleek look.

    Whether your reasons are for style or sport, remember these important hair removal tips:

    Hot wax is extremely flammable. Keep it away from an open flame. Never heat it on a gas stove.

    Always test a small patch of skin for sensitivity or an allergic reaction before you treat the entire area.

    When applying hot wax, make sure the strips do not connect.

    Apply the wax in an even thickness with slightly fuller edges.

    Apply the hot wax strips against the direction of hair growth. Before the wax sets, redirect the hair in its normal hair growth direction.

    Remove the wax strips against the direction of hair growth. First, use the tips of your fingers to flick up a small section of wax at the base of the strip. Firmly grip the raised section of wax. Then pull the strip away in a very brisk, upward motion.

    Apply an ice compress at the end of the treatment to reduce the risk of sebaceous activity.

    If you intend to recycle the wax, heat the entire pot to 120�C (248�F) and leave it at that temperature for 40 minutes to sterilize the wax before straining.

    Always throw away wax that you apply to the underarm or crotch areas.

    Always use fresh, clean wax to define eyebrows or wax away unwanted facial hair.

    Never remove eyelashes, eyebrows, nose or ear hair, genital hair, or hair on irritated, chapped, sunburned, or cut skin.

    Never wax if you have diabetes or circulatory problems, or if you are particularly susceptible to infection.

    Never wax over varicose veins, moles, or warts.

    Done properly, an epilatory treatment like hot waxing will keep your body hair-free for six to 10 weeks.

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    -have a hot bath or shower first

    -trim the hair as short as possible b4 hand.

    -dry the area thuraly

    -apply talc

    -pull the skin taught

    -pull it off VERY quickly

    -rub afterwards to numb pain

    -dont have a hot bath for about 12 hours after

    -apply a soothing antibacterial gel immediatly after, and exfoliate daily, so you dont get ingrown hairs

    -if you have to take a pain killer b4 like sum1 above said, your doing sumthing rong, it shudnt hurt that bad, if you so it right its really not too painful.

    what type of wax are you using? ready made strips NEVER work, and neither does the stuff you heat and then take off with cotton strips. you need to get the stuff that you apply, wait for it to dry for a few seconds, and then peel off without strips. it tells you on the packet in which direction to apply and pull it off. i use 'smooth appeal' theres also one called 'nair easywax'

    thats how i do mine, and its the best way! if your still having problems go 2 a profesional.

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    Dude, that's Umm, I get my BROWS waxed and I will tell you it comes out looking 100 times better if you go to a salon, but not sure where you could even get your pubes done. Maybe a day spa or something. Not sure man.

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    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! oh geez. =D umm... I usually just get it professionally done at a salon or something. lol. Welll.... you could try not to use TOO much wax, and pat the strip on for a little over 3 seconds. Then, pull as fast as u can. And yes,... it's going to hurt like a mother ******. =D


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    Lol. Go for the professional route - it'll set you back like $20-50 but it'll be worth it.

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    just go somewhere professionally. then ask them for some tips on how to maintain it or whatever

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    get it professionally waxed

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    no. im not tellin any guy...eww no. sick.

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