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I am 14 weeks pregnant and i find myself hungry a lot after just eating does that mean my baby is hungry?

Because i am hungry a lot i cant sleep at night and when i am hungry i feel sick to my stomach i feel like im going to throw up so its hard for me to eat. Does anyone one know what i should do??? is this normal????

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    It's completely normal. I just had my son four months ago and how well I remember being hungry all the time, not being able to eat enough, feeling sick after just a few bites of food. Ach! It drove me bonkers!

    Load up your pantry and fridge with easy to eat, small, no-prep, healthy foods and eat them all day long. I finally figured this out after spending a few months feeling like I was starving but couldn't finish any meal because it would start making me sick. My poor husband had to make me three meals in a night sometimes. He became a master at small meals though!

    Here are some suggestions:

    whole wheat crackers

    apple sauce

    trail mix

    peanut butter


    fruit bars

    bell peppers with hummus

    spinach salad



    pine nuts

    dried fruit

    beef jerky

    baby carrots

    ice cream

    tortilla chips and bean dip

    These were some of my absolute favorites while I was pregnant.

    Keep some non-perishable snacks on your bedstand with your water and munch all night long.

    Make sure you see a dentist while you're pregnant too... your dental health can dwindle when you're pregnant and affect your baby (weird, I know).

    This phase will hopefully get better as you get further along, but remember that your body is at its most communicative phase in your life. If you are hungry for something specific, that food has something your body needs. If you cannot eat something specific, your body needs something else.

    Try to find foods that you like to eat (at the moment) and eat all day long. Eat a lot of protein, iron, fruit, vegetables, whole wheats.

    This is normal... annoying sometimes, but normal.

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    Sweetie, you're pregnant! Your metabolism is revved up and your body is using up energy 24/7 to grow a baby! A very hard and complicated thing to do! Your body is acting like you're jogging 24/7, hence why you're hungry all the time. Totally normal. Your baby isn't hungry because they don't feel hunger in utero, but you are! I know it sucks being hungry all the time, but feed yourself. Keep some easy-to-eat healthy snacks next to your bed, and drink lots of milk (since it will temporarily fill your stomach and level out your blood sugar levels, which is most likely the reason why you feel sick when hungry).

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    Yep its completely normal! The joys of pregnancy! You should eat 5 small meals a day rather than your normal 3 bigger ones. Don't just ignore your grumbling stomach as you could end up fainting - your body needs a constant supply of energy. That doesn't mean you have an excuse to pig out on junk food, still eat healthily and stock up on helathy snacks. The sickness thing is warded off by eating some wholemeal bread toasted or a few crackers before bed. Your metabolism speeds up when you are pregnant so naturally you will need to eat slightly more than normal. Good Luck!

    Source(s): I am 23 weeks pregnant and am finding myself hungry lots too! I am eating a lot more than normal but haven't put on any extra weight apart from baby bump as my metabolism is faster.
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    Your baby is growing, growing, growing and is feeding off of you. You are hungry because your baby is taking everything you have and you need to continually feed yourself to keep up with the demand. Experts say that you only need to increase your caloric intake by 500 calories a day during pregnancy.

    Eat small, healthy snacks between meals and have something before you go to bed. Make sure you have something easy, like crackers, next to the bed for when you wake through the night and in the morning when you wake up. I would feel sick when I was hungry too (and light-headed, like I was going to pass out). Always have something in your purse/bag so when you are out and get to feeling that way you can eat something quick.

    I believe this is very normal.

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    Keep snacks around. When I was around 14 weeks and didn't eat for an hour or so my blood sugar would go down and I would turn into pregzilla and had to eat ASAP. Also bouts of sudden hunger could mean a growth spurt for the wee baby.

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    EAT when you are hungry... it's your BODY telling you it needs more nutrients!

    Don't be afraid to eat tons while you are pregnant... just be careful of WHAT you eat. If you're hungry, grab some raw veggies and water... or have a salad. Or have some meat and salad... just try not to grab the cheetos. ;)

    But please, please don't let people tell you not to eat. I think rules are off limits when you're pregnant, you just have to play it as you go. If you're hungry, EAT!

    Source(s): Mommy of 1 :)
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    i agree with first 3. I find if I let my blood sugar drop I get the shakes and feel really sick to my stomach. eat snacks between meals. gl!

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    It means the baby is using up your calories and you need more! But the baby isn't hungry because food doesn't go into his or her tummy to be digested, the nutrients just go straight into his or her bloodstream.

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    eat more smaller healthy meals. Your body will tell you what you need. Watch your weight, stay active, and enjoy being pregnant.

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    eat Small snack all the time that will help big time

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