Mother War?

in the video by My Chemical Romance, 'Welcome To The Black Prade' the woman with a gas mask and a weird metal dress thing, is meant to be Mother War, who is Mother War? Is she just a person made up for the video or is it meant to be some body from the war or somthing?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, she is mother war. No she's not from the war, she just represents it. Gerard (lead singer) felt that he wanted to make up characters for the black parade to have a different feel than their other albums and to for it to feel as realistic as possible. he wanted to bring his lyrics to life and find characters to represent them. That's why the band a has/wears costumes and Gerard dyed his hair blonde. He wanted to be in the boy who has cancer's shoes. ( I read a diary he wrote on the black parade.)

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