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Can sweet chin music really hurt??

Some sayWWE that is fake and script which I agree, but i think that Sweet chin music even being fake and knowing who to hit it , it really hurts and really can knock your lights out in real life

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    HELL YEAH! Of coarse it would hurt!

    Sometimes, when HBK does Sweet Chin Music, it really looks like he hits them hard!

    My brother did Sweet Chin Music on me, accidentally connected it to me and I cut my lip and has to get stitches!

    So I guess when WWE say "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.", they really do mean it. LOL!

    Some people may think that Sweet Chin Music is just an ordinary kick and doesn't do much damage, but I think that it is one of the deadliest! If Shawn or his opponent make one slight error, there could be a huge consequence!

    It just goes to show you how dangerous and how talented and precise the WWE superstars are!

    And really can knock your lights out in real life! I mean, can you just imagine walking down the street and then...BAM! Sweet Chin Music!

    You'll be knocked off your feet!

    Sweet Chin Music can be very dangerous in different ways.....

    1) You may miss your opponents chin and hit their temple.

    2) You could kick their head so hard back that you could brake their neck.

    3) You could break their jaw...but in this case I should say...chin! LOL!

    4) You could rip their skin open and they would need stitches. As I said before, I got my lip cut open and got stitches and I'm telling you it did sting, but it doesn't compare to my other wrestling injuries.

    So things like that from one kick can give you so much injury......or worse!

    I know I should be listening to WWE and to not try this at home, but wrestling is what I do! I've been wrestling for 11 and a half years and even though I've wrestled for so long and have got allot of experience and talent, it doesn't mean that I can't get hurt though! I've fractured about 4 bones, completely broken 2 bones in half, sometimes my right shoulder pops out and then I have to put it in again, obviously cuts but the weird thing is, is that I never and I mean NEVER get any bruisers! It's weird!

    Once I was at my wrestling school and I was versing this girl, my shoulder poped out during the match but I didn't realise it until after the match was over! My coach ran up to me and helped me pop it back kills!!!!!

    Anyway...... Sweet Chin Music is a dangerous move and should not be performed by anyone other than Shawn Michaels!


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    Sweet Chin Music

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    yes it can hurt alot, go on youtube and look up sweet chin music, look for the rly short one the one like 15 or 9 seconds

    they are in a hotel room and one turns around and the other gives him some chin music, u can tell it hurts

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    Of course it does!!! Try it on your friend or let them try it to you and you'll break your chin and make it bleed and might even cry. I did that move before to a kid and you should know the rest. That's why wwe always says,"Don't Try This At Home."

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    heck yea man right in the CHIN hardcore the way they make it now hurt real much and still make it look real is that they put there hands on there face but at the same time i seen HBK do it when no one blocks it

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    HBK knows how to do it so it sounds real but doesn't hurt. If you try to superkick someone and don't do it properly (like hit him in the throat instead of just below it) then it can kill you.

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    obviously if you get kicked in the jaw in real life it's going to hurt. The best sweet chin music HBK ever did was to chris benoit when he had the sharpshooter locked in on triple h at wrestlemania. He damn near took benoit's head off. I love watching that clip because of what chris did to nancy and daniel. rot in hell benoit, you good for nothing murderer.

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    Yea what do you think junior? of course it hurts in real life, everything hurts in real life

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    No, obviously a kick to the jaw would only tickle...

    Seriously, that could kill you if done properly.

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    i think it could hurt, and really really hurt if not done right.

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