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What's up with the white sox?

Does anyone know what happened to their hitting and bullpen?

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    I have been a white sox fan for quite some time now. It's very dissappointing to see that the Kansas CIty Royals are almost tied with them in the standings!

    I think the major reason the white sox aren't doing well is the fact that Jermaine Dye is in a slump. I know that Jermaine is only one player, but things like this usually result in a domino effect, taking the whole team down.

    When you really think about it, the white sox really didn't lose anyone the past two years. Their bullpen has remained pretty steady, but it seems as if the guys just aren't pitching like in 2005. The sad thing is, Mark Buerhle may get traded next year, which makes things even worse for the sox! Personally, I don't think it's a coaching problem. Ozzie is a great manager. Big names like Konerko and Thome need to start stepping up to make the white sox thrive this season, as well as the rest of the team. .

    They'll bounce back. Maybe not this year, but in the years to come, they should be a competitive team.

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    The Chisox are really underachieving right now. Also, the fact that they lost their main catalyst in 3B Joe Crede to injury. Unfortunately, Ozzie Guillen can no longer motivate the team. His anitics and management style cannot work under the current circumstances. One of the main culprits has been middle relief. The bullpen must rely more on Nick Masset since he has four quality pitches to get hitters out. The team must look for a temporary replacement for Crede and it may be time to bring up Josh Fields who hit .305 with 19 HRs and 70 RBIs with Charlotte (AAA).

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    They've got an awful lineup. I mean, leftfield is supposed to be a power slot, and they've got Podsednik and Mackowiak there. That's just awful. It's tough that Dye is struggling and Crede is out, but it shouldn't be too surprising, those two guys were both playing way, way over their heads the past two seasons. Outside of Konerko and Thome, they don't have a single hitter with decent plate discipline, which hasn't mattered in the past, but has finally caught up with them. You just can't consistently win playing Ozzie-ball. They fluked out the past couple of years because of strong pitching and 2 or 3 hitters carrying the offense. Now the pitching has collapsed and the offensive flaws are showing.

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    well theyve just been overpowered because the AL central is up for grabs by a different team every year-except the Royals.Look at the Indians horrible last year-great this year,look at the tigers-horrible forever then in the world series,the balence of power just shifts every year

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  • Injuries have killed them this season. Dye is hurt, Thome has spent time this season on the DL and Podsednik went back on the DL today. The pen is a mystery in my opinion. No one can get anybody out. When the pen can't get anybody out it affects your closer because Jenks hasn't been effective lately because of lack of work.

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    They are showing their true colors. And proving to the entire world that 2005 was indeed a fluke.

    And I am enjoying every single minute of it.

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    Well, I heard that somebody threw a "Red Sock" in with them, now they are pink?

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    In a very bad slump right now.

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    I sure hope they improve. Guillen is much more fun when they're winning.

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    Guillen is the problem, he should be fired in one second

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