Why do white people complain about black history month and B.E.T?

Black history month is the shortest month in the year, and dont whites have all the rest of the year to celebrate? Think of all the white holidays we celebrate! Last thing who ownes C.B.S, N.B.C, A.B.C, FOX do I need to go on think about it.........

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    Perhaps the people doing the complaining are

    unaware that the BET network IS actually a

    WHITE-OWNED company -- AND -- that

    OTHER Ethnic / Cultural / and Racial


    that is dedicated to their heritages

    as well (ex. Irish Heritage month;

    Hispanic Heritage month, etc.)

    In fact, not only did most of the other groups

    already have their 'designated month' set up

    'waaayyy loooonnng before Black people

    ever did -- BUT -- in addition, 'Black History

    month' actually is a 'month' that is shared with

    certain of the other 'groups' as well -- SO it's

    not even like it's a 'month' that is 'exclusively'

    truly devoted solely to Black history anyway.

    All of this shows that the incessant whining some

    people constantly make about 'Blacks having this'

    and 'Blacks having that' is essentially baseless.

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    I TOTALLY AGREE, I also want to respond to the above answerer: X_Musicxlife_X

    The problem of today's racism is that you have too many young black people ignoring racism, and not talking about it. If you ignore something and don't acknowledge it, it just gets, worse, and worse.


    If someone continuously hits you on a daily basis and you don't respond, like by saying (at the least) "leave me alone" that person will keep hitting you, because they either think you like it, or that they can't get in trouble for it, so why not keep doing it, Heck why not just beat you with a bat.

    This scenario to me is the same when it comes to racism towards blacks, if you don't respond to racism, and just brush it off, how is that person suppose to know that they were being racist? Because to MOST whites, it is nature to be racist, because many (not all) were raised that way.

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    It does not bother me if you are black, brown yellow or green,,,if it does not bother YOU if I am white,,,,,none of us had any say in who we are,,,,,no say in the events of the past,,,,,,I raised my children to give respect, even when respect was not given in return,,,,,,,We moved when the kids were small, from a small mostly white community to a large city where the majority of the kids my kids went to school with were "black",,,,the biggest problem we had was that my six year old keep "squishing" the hair of the black boys (afro's were BIG then) and I got a note from the teacher ( a wonderful black woman) to please make him stop.,,,,,,He was facinated by the hair, having not been exposed to it,,,,,,was amazed by it,,,,,,,And therein is the lesson, I guess,,,,we don't know what to do about what we don't know,,,,,so we squish it to see what happens,,,,,,,We just need to stop squishing each other,

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    You know, I bet you hate it when we who are white make generalizations about Blacks, don't you?

    So if you don't like generalizations, why are you making them?

    I am a white woman. I don't complain about Black History Month or BET.

    Here is the problem. If I, as a white person, say anything even remotely racial about anyone, I am going to be hung out to dry. If you do it, you can make assumptions about white people without repercussion. Is that how you really want it?

    I would rather treat you with respect and friendship. If you would rather a white person not do that, then fine. If you want to be respected, then show respect for others regardless of their skin color. We all need to treat it as a level playing field.

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    Freeman Says Black History Month "Ridiculous"

    Morgan Freeman says he finds Black History Month "ridiculous," and that's the quote that ended up on headlines all across the country. But to really understand his sentiments, we have to listen to the rest of the quote. "You're going to relegate my history to a month?" he asked. "I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history," he said.

    Freeman is right. From the perspective of all American history, Black History Month is ridiculous. And those comments are actually no different from the comments that black scholars have been making for decades. While many of us -- myself including -- can make a living giving speeches during Black History Month, the very idea of relegating the history of 40 million people to 28 days on the calendar is insulting.

    The problem with making "controversial" remarks like this is that we don't have serious dialogue in public discourse anymore, and we don't appreciate nuance and subtlety in conversation. Instead, we hear a snippet of an interview, then a few people in the media twist it out of context and shove a microphone in the face of a likely critic.

    No doubt, some black people reacted critically to Freeman because they felt he did not appreciate black history. But that was not what he said. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, he appreciates black history so much that he wants it integrated into the public school curriculum.

    Freeman on Racism

    Freeman's views on racism were a bit more complicated. When asked by Wallace how we could get rid of racism, Freeman shot back a simple answer. "Stop talking about it," he said. "I'm going to stop calling you a white man. And I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman."

    To many black listeners, that sounds like idealistic bullshit. That may be true, but it's only half of the story. Freeman's comments are indeed idealistic. As a millionaire celebrity, he has the luxury of living a life free of many of the common forms of prejudice experienced everyday by poorer African Americans.

    I find it difficult to explain what he meant by saying we should "stop talking" about racism, but it seems to me that he's speaking more to white people than to black people. It seems to me he's telling white people to stop paying so much attention to race and then racism will start to diminish. God knows, black people alone don't have the power to stop racism or white supremacy by merely shutting up about it. And I have to think Freeman knows that.


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    i think it is crazy that people complain about BET, because originally MTV was a "white" channel, however they felt a little competition when BET came around so they changed and started putting more rap on their channel. They holiday thing, it really doesnt bother me that black people have a holiday....theres nothing wrong with celebrating you heritage. however, white people do not have a ALL white holiday so i think you got that part wrong.. as far as who owns these TV stations... who cares about that? we all watch them and thats all that should matter.. its not like white people are benefiting because a white person owns that channel..... i think you should just ignore whomever got you upset about this matter because thats all their trying to do... Is get you upset, dont give them that satisfaction

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    Why do White people complain about black history month?

    Because we don't send our children to school to learn afro-centric subjects.

    Who owns C.B.S., N.B.C., A.B.C., FOX, MTV, BET?


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    Wow Julia you believe what you wrote... lots of ethnic groups have months to celebrate their heritage/history... and you are only excluded from holidays if you choose not to celebrate them.. people who complain about those things are silly that's all it is

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    its not that we complain its just that the blacks seem to think that their race is the only one that had the most hardships...and that's wrong! the Jews suffered far worse than blacks so did the American Indians..African American suffering doesn't even come close to what these races went through...and all these supposedly white shows you mentioned are not dedicated to whites..they are news channels! so educate yourself so more before you claim that

    FYI also what are these white holidays???

    Xmas-not white

    Halloween-not white

    mothers day-not white

    fathers day-not white

    fourth of July-not white

    Easter-not white

    thanksgiving-not white

    SHALL I CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!

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    "White" holidays? Like what? I thought Holidays were for EVERYONE to enjoy!

    Anyway, I think whites become indignant oftentimes because if we did the same thing, we'd be labeled as "racist" by the rest of the community. Just think about the terminology:

    White Pride. What do you think of? The KKK, the skinheads, racists, white corporate America's corruption.

    Black Pride. What do you think of? Letting kids be proud of their heritage. Community centers. Education. Martin Luther King. United ***** College Fund.

    See how one is considered positive, and the other negative? White pride does NOT mean you like Hitler, or the KKK---I think stuff like that is totally disgusting. But yet, I wouldn't mind a little white/European pride...our culture, traditions, leaders, celebrated. See what I'm saying?

    Why is it okay for one culture to be proud, and not another?

    I have nothing personally against Black History Month, or the BET channel. I just think that if Black people get that, then EVERYONE should.

    Isn't that what equality is?

    :) Have a good one!

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