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Are Mexican Clubs too greedy? Will Mexico ever export players to Europe?

Today in the morning, Dutch club and champion PSV Eindhoven sent a contract to Mexican club CF Atlas for the acquisition of Mexican International Andres Guardado. PSV Eindhoven offered 8 million euros and 50% of the transfer fee. In no time CF Atlas, as many Mexican clubs do, rejected the offer, asked for a bigger transfer sum, and had the audacity to demand that the Dutch champions loan Robert de Pinho for one year. This is nothing new. VfB Stuttgart, Bundesliga Champions, have tried to negotiate with CD Guadalajara for the acquisition of Omar Bravo, but the Mexican club also demanded at least 8 million euros for the player. Bayer Leverkusen also showed interest in acquiring Jonny Magallon, a gifted Mexican defender, but the Mexican club has also refused. Even after the 2006 World Cup, offers for Oswaldo Sanchez, Guillermo Ochoa, Jose Antonio Castro, Antonio Naelson "Zinha", and Omar Bravo have all been rejected by Mexican clubs. Why are so many Mexican clubs so greedy?

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    You bring up a very good point. Sadly thats also why the mexcan'ts dont do well sometimes. They lack a lot of the international exposure and experience that many other clubs benefit from. Take a look at Argentina, why are they so good in this cup? Almost all their players are overseas, and if theyre local they're from the best team in Argentina "Boca".

    As far as the mexicant's its too bad. Their own football politics hold back their players from doing better. And it really is sad cos thats all Mexico really needs to raise their game and better their National group.

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    We don't want our good players to go off and get STD's from European prostitutes (there are many). Jk, I guess it's because they wanna see if a better club offers a contract to the same player. For example, PSV wants Guardado now, before the Copa America ends, but Atlas knows that bigger clubs will offer after the tournement is over, and will only sell right now for a high price. But Andres Guardado WILL go to Europe, just after Copa America. Another reason might be because Atlas does not have many good players, and because they don't have alot of spending money, and the only way they will sell they're star player is if they get a good offer so they can buy another ok player to take his spot. If Andres Guardado leaves, they know that the play-offs and/or league title are gonna be twice as hard without their best player.

    Cesar f: You're sounding like EU clubs are shopping at Wal-mart. Why would I buy this one, if this one is better and half the price. And I doubt anyone in S America is better than Guardado for his age.

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    Actually, Atlas is asking for 8 million euros and I believe PSV was offering 2. Mexican teams are greedy because they are losing the rights on the players and because they know that Bravo and Guardado will be valued way higher if let go for 1-2 million euros.

    However, I believe that it is "stupid" to ask for 8 when 4 is a pretty good offer for Atlas (lately this is the best team to form players)

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    the Mexican league is run by a mafia. the clubs have all these stupid rules between them in order to prevent any players from playing for a rival team, or if a player speaks out against a club, the owners will agree to never contract the player, thus ruining his career. the so called, "pacto de caballeros" is another absurd instance in the Mexican league and should be looked into by FIFA. Yes Mexican clubs are very greedy especially those like Atlas that are in heavy debt and try to pay their entire debt with the sale of one player, with change left to hire another foreigner that is sold for a fraction of the "value" of their players. That is why many S. Americans are exported to Europe because they get sold a much lower price. Why would you pay for a Mexican player for that much money when you can get a S. American that is better and is sold for a fraction of the price. It's too bad because the greedy bunch that runs everything is ruining the future growth of the national team.

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    PSV actually offered 2.5 Million which is even lower than the 4Million Chivas offered. Yes the teams are greedy and very unrealistic. Even though Guardado is the Man and a great talend, he hasn't really done much to be worth 8 M Euros. Thats why they buy from south america because they can get them very cheap.

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    They are not greedy, just like in any other sport...these clubs are businesses. It all is a matter of money and having those good players needed to win Mexican tournaments. Either way, when money doesn't come into the picture everybody wants to send as many players out to play in is nothing bad, they not only have better development in their soccer game but they increase their skills tremendously.

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    first of psv offered 2.5 million, atlas wanted around 8

    bravo was wanted by a spanish club but they offered 3 millioon, chivas wanted 5

    the oswaldo sanchez offer was just a trick by getafe just to lower abbondonzieri(no idea how to spell it, argentinas gk) transfer fee

    ochoa and zinha were just rumours

    castro was wanted by a german team that offered 2 million, america wanted 4

    and i have never heard of the offer made for magallon

    so i dont know where u get ur statistics from but they are false

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    your info is wrong, sorry.

    Atlas knows they wont get 8million Euro for guardado, the offer made by PSV was much less, Atlas simply made a counter offer that included De Pinho going to Atlas for 1 season.

    as for Bravo, chivas was asking 2-3million for his transfer.

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    I agree with you. 8 million euros can be used to buy other players........many players that played for Mexico right now have gotten many offers from European teams but the Mexican teams don't want to sell them. Thats just bullshit how are we supposed to win a world cup with most of our players playing in Mexico and not in Europe.

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    Don't You think it's good to see clubs holding on to home grown talent?

    All European leagues are flooded with foreign players these days.

    That means young players are missing out on playing in there home country or in top divisions.

    It is good to see Mexican clubs hold on to Mexican players.

    Wouldn't English supporters love to see their club have more English players and have young players have the opportunity to play for their favourite clubs?

    Is it really about the clubs being greedy? or are they just looking after the interest of the club and Mexican league?

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