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Are Mexican Clubs too greedy? Will Mexico ever export players to Europe?

Today in the morning, Dutch club and champion PSV Eindhoven sent a contract to Mexican club CF Atlas for the acquisition of Mexican International Andres Guardado. PSV Eindhoven offered 8 million euros and 50% of the transfer fee. In no time CF Atlas, as many Mexican clubs do, rejected the offer, asked for a bigger transfer sum, and had the audacity to demand that the Dutch champions loan Robert de Pinho to them for one year. This is nothing new. VfB Stuttgart, Bundesliga Champions, have tried to negotiate with CD Guadalajara for the acquisition of Omar Bravo, but the Mexican club also demanded at least 8 million euros for the player. Bayer Leverkusen also showed interest in acquiring Jonny Magallon, a gifted Mexican defender, but the Mexican club has also refused. Even after the 2006 World Cup, offers for Oswaldo Sanchez, Guillermo Ochoa, Jose Antonio Castro, Antonio Naelson "Zinha", and Omar Bravo have all been rejected by Mexican clubs. Why are so many Mexican clubs so greedy?

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    They find that since their players are being found valuable in international leagues, they can negotiate better deals than those offered. Plain business.

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    It is just business but look at the Chivas GM!

    Chiva Cola? Chivas Toothbrush? Chivas Bike?

    Chivas USA? Limited Chivas Car? I can go on forever like that little engerizer bunny.

    He makes everything a business and has a new jersery for the fans to waste money on every other season. And Chivas is one of the most popular soccer teams in mexico.

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